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In each and every tutorial or rooting guide, or anything related to tweaking your device, the words that you most frequently come across are installing ADB drivers for your device. And if your device isn’t such a popular device, the hassle to find it increases. Let’s find a permanent solution to this ever running problem with the Universal ADB tool.

Finding your ADB drivers can be troublesome if you don’t know where to look. And if you end up installing the wrong set of drivers for your device that can end up damaging your device, or not be detecting your device at all. For newbies trying to tinker with their device, finding ADB drivers should be the least of their problems, amidst all the other confusions and doubts they have regarding meddling with their devices.

Download Universal ADB Driver Tool 1

Though there are many devices that install ADB drivers, some of them require you to enter lines of code, but this has nothing of that sorts. Once you install it and plug your device in, UAD Tool automatically detects your device and your chipset and downloads the driver for you. Now, how cool is that. Let’s check out some features of the Universal ADB drivers tool

Download Universal ADB Driver Tool 2

Features of Universal ADB Driver

Quick Installer

Installs in seconds. Just connect your device and run the software and there it is. You have successfully installed drivers for your device. How much more simple can it get.

Supports every Device

Universal, as the name suggests. Supports almost any device, be it the top brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC, or some of the Unknown brands or other foreign brands.

Detects Manufacturer & Model

If you are a newbie and don’t know the exact details of your device, it even shows you the device model and the chipset used as soon as you connect your device

Supports Windows x86 and x64 Bit

Has both 32 bit and 64-bit support, no matter which you run on your PC

Things to Remember

  • This is a Windows-only software, will work on Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10. If you’re running Linux or Mac devices, Tough Luck.
  • Support for Amazon devices also, which is missing in other similar software.
  • This software is not ours to own. All credits go to the developers.

Download Universal ADB Driver Tool

Link: Universal ADB Driver v5– Latest

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