Best 6 Android Apps for Students – Must Have

Education is the premise of progress in the house and hence the society. Subsequently, measures and steps become crucial to eradicating illiteracy by any means and anyhow.
Technology has certainly eased the path to education and enabled all throughout the world access the primary right to learning and the progress in innovation is amazing. As of the continuously changing prevalent and conservative mode of education,  the concept of  Virtual education and learning has come into existence where you no longer need to attend the classroom session compulsory with access to abundant study material, notes, tutorials,  courses, and ebooks.

Several Android apps have been released to reach the maximum number of student’s in minimum possible timekeeping aside all the hindrance, whether it be the location of residence, language, economy or time-related issues of the learner to provide study tools and courses basically free of cost. Apps have been designed to meet up the specific requirements of the students and successfully contribute in bringing the world closer to a real global village.   It had never been this easy to learn and educate yourself. The apps have been planned out on the simple philosophy that knowledge is power and you should always make an effort to seek it no matter what the situation you are hurdled by.

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Best 6 Android Apps for Students:

So here we have picked up and listed some of the best useful android apps that you must have on your smartphone if you are a student or learner.

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Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 2

The app provides you technical and academic support from the dedicated community offering more than 1000 courses in 140 + countries to experience the world’s best learning methodology and techniques. Inspired by the best coaches from the top universities and institutions that provide excellent curriculum and courses supported by recorded video lectures and assignments. The app is free to download, however, you need to pay for in-app purchases like courses that you buy online on the app. What you will get at the end is an electronic certificate as an accomplishment of your goal. You can also specialize in your expert area of expertise through a series of Courses, projects and real business challenges to earn a specialization certificate for yourself. You can even opt for the Career-oriented degree programs that are recognized by some of the top universities and earn credentials according to your own eligibility.

Coursera: Learn career skills
Coursera: Learn career skills


Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 3

One of the best android app for students and learners that lets you stream and download course videos to watch directly on your Android Smartphone. The app offers you access to the best universities in the world like Harvard, MIT, and more. The app claims to provide you all the latest and in demand tending coding skills, all the information regarding Greek history to the universe  at your convenience at the tips of your finger. Additionally, you can save videos in case an internet connection is not available to you.

edX: Courses by Harvard & MIT
edX: Courses by Harvard & MIT
Developer: edX LLC
Price: Free


Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 4

The app serves as the online crowdsourced learning platform to help you succeed in school and beyond. Here you can create your own customised study materials using flashcards by adding text, images, and videos. You can even compare your study materials and performance with new updates. Reach your goals with the most effective study material and excel in your forte. It should, however, be noted that the app targets at the high school and college students.

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes
StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes
Developer: StudyBlue
Price: To be announced

My Study Life

Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 5

My study life works well for both students as well as teachers for planning lessons that allow you to integrate the schedules regarding classes, homework, and assignment all in one row just like a paper planner in a convenient application. The app optimises your time schedule according to daily and weekly rotations and syncs your data with the device. You can also easily access your data once you store it in the cloud. Repeated reminders of upcoming tasks and exams render the app as a trustworthy option. Ranked among one of the best tools for teachers, students, and admin to connect or share details to each other in a more secure and safe manner.

Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 6

One particular leading app that’s equally important to each and every person in the present lifestyle no matter what the field of his interest be. Every sector of education demands a very strong vocabulary and hence has gained widespread popularity. You can easily search for the meaning or definition of a word, phrase, synonym and expand your vocabulary by daily challenges like word of the day, audio pronunciation practice, and a number of articles related to your search. You can also improve your skills to spell a word in a proper way and guess the correct structure of articulating them. For all the advanced level word learners and English learning students, the app is a must.


Best 6 Android Apps for Students - Must Have 7

Another creative app that personalizes learning and caters to the needs of individual students according to capability and the power to grasp a topic just like a personal tutor. You can even prepare for any engineering or medical entrance exams, scholarship clearance as well as different board patterns. Watch videos, practice customised questions, with extremely simple, comprehensive and engaging ideas to clear doubts and regular revision to target at the goal based methodology.

Toppr - Learning App for Class
Toppr - Learning App for Class
Developer: Toppr
Price: Free

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