3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS [Custom Headers]

Here are 3 free Header Apps for Custom ROMS [Custom Headers]. We all know that how efficient Android is in terms of customization. Customization is the thing for which Android users stick to it. You can totally change your Android device by customizing it. From changing ROMS to adding a little text font. Android gives its user access to change their device without limitations.

If you are not satisfied with your stock Android ROM you can change the ROM but for changing ROM you have to root your smartphone first. Most of the smartphone customizations are done by rooting the device but not everyone should root their device because if in the rooting process you make any mistake your device will not work properly.

But you can’t flash a custom ROM without rooting your device so if you want to have a custom ROM root your device safely, once your device is rooted you can have a lot of customizations in it like having custom headers.

3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS

Here we are going to discuss the custom headers

What is a Header?

The top area of the notification panel which you swipe down by your finger in your smartphone is the header. It is the area where your device shows the battery percentage, time, date etc. This area is usually covered with specific and solid colors but by installing custom headers you can customize their color or replace them with an image.

ROMS which Supports Custom Headers

Not every ROM supports custom headers. To have custom headers in your ROM you have to install a custom ROM. These are few custom ROM with support of custom headers

Dirty unicorns, AOSP Extended, OmniROM, Resurrection Remix.

Custom Headers

These are three best free custom headers.

DoPe Headers

3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS [Custom Headers] 1

Purpleheart created this custom header pack which is simply amazing and you can download it totally free from play store. It has up to 50 cool headers.

3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS [Custom Headers] 2
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

JayRod Mega Header

3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS [Custom Headers] 3

This cool header is a unique type of header, it changes with the time of the day and can also work as a static header. It also other artistic headers.

JayRod Mega Header Pack
JayRod Mega Header Pack

Wavvy Time Contextual Header

3 Free Header Apps For Custom ROMS [Custom Headers] 4

This pack of a custom header is like the JayRod header because of they both changes with the time of the day. It has very artistic headers and looks pretty great with dark user interfaces. These headers are based on weathers and represent various times of day like sunrise, sunset, day and night.

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