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Xiaomi Released the Latest Version of Mint Launcher for all Android Devices

Xiaomi is one of the most popular Chinese smartphone brands. They now have their launcher skin, MIUI Launcher, compatible with Android Oreo and MIUI 10.

Xiaomi has introduced a new update to its launcher called Xiaomi Mint Launcher v1.1.4.10 Update APK Link, which can now be downloaded from the company’s official website and installed on your phone to replace your current Android launcher app.

Launchers are a basic part of every smartphone user’s life because they help change up the look and feel of your device without having to do anything specific like rooting or installing custom ROMs that require you to take extra steps for it to work properly.

Xiaomi Mint Launcher

APK Update v1.1.4.10 Xiaomi Mint Launcher – Xiaomi offers several launchers, including MIUI Launcher, Poco Launcher, and Mint Launcher. Icon packs, screen transition effects, and other eye candy are common features of third-party launchers.

All of these features are supported by Mint. Xiaomi used to deny that such a thing existed, but now there’s a standard app drawer that automatically categorizes apps. 

Xiaomi Mint Launcher

The Xiaomi Mint Launcher looks very similar to the Poco launcher but has unique features. The Xiaomi Mint Launcher is a launcher that is a great option for anyone who is looking for a more minimal home screen.

It has an intelligent assistant that allows you to create shortcuts, and the app’s interface appears completely different from other launchers like Poco Launcher or Action Launcher.

There are a few changes to the home screen on Mint Launcher compared to the Poco Launcher. The home screen also includes a cache clearing button. The app isn’t available for any phones yet. Don’t worry; we have an APK of it. 

Launcher apps are meant to personalize and organize your device’s home screen panels. They offer more customization options than standard widgets or apps. For example, you can hide certain apps when you do not need them and change their icons to better match your preferences or layout in general.

Download Links of Mint Launcher:

Features of the Mint Launcher:

Here you can find some of the noticable features of Xiaomi Mint Launcher.

  • Personalization

The launcher provides a personalization feature that allows users to choose from various themes or create their own. They are divided into three categories: Light, Dark, and Neon.

Users can also choose whether they want the app to always open up on their home screen or not. The app also offers quick access to recent apps, widgets, and shortcuts. 

The Mint Launcher allows you to customize the home screen to make sure that your device looks the way you want it to look. It also provides support for lots of screen transitions, which means that you don’t have to worry about any hiccups in performance.

The Mint Launcher comes with many features like resizable application icons and lots of customization options for your home screen layouts and the widgets on your home screen.

  • Managing apps

The new update to the app drawer means that you can swipe up on the home screen to show your app drawers and see which apps are active, recently updated or downloaded, and which are automatically organizing themselves by category.

The update also comes with many features that make managing your apps a lot easier. You can now move and uninstall multiple apps at once and group them into folders for better organization.

This feature comes in handy when you have many apps installed on your device and want to find the one you need quickly.

We all know that managing apps can be time-consuming. Using the “quick search” tool within the app will allow you to find apps in a snap. The app will even show you how much time each app saves you and how much time it takes to install them if you want to compare them with other apps.

  • Speed and privacy

Many apps can help you with your work. But it is not always clear if these apps are safe and secure. To know for sure, one of the best things you can do is hide their app icons from your home screen.

The Hide App Icons is an Android app that helps you hide all your installed apps so you can access them without any hassle. It also comes with an option to hide app icons from other users so they won’t be able to find out what you’re using.

Swiping on your smartphone is an easy way to navigate among apps. But it can also be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially when you have to do it constantly.

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