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Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery Fast on Android

In this guide, we will show you how to check which apps are draining your battery fast on Android. Android devices have always come with big batteries. A big battery is integral for Android smart phones as the Android operating system uses up a lot of power and if a small sized battery is used, it will not be enough to last through the day. Nowadays most Android devices have around 4000-5000 mAh battery capacity, but sometimes, even this is not enough for some users because they have high battery consuming applications and some buggy apps which quickly drain the Android device’s battery.

Although they have large batteries, many Android users feel as if their phone’s battery is draining faster than it is supposed to. So if you are always looking for your Android device’s charger even though it has a large battery, then you should check which apps are draining your battery fast on your Android device. There is a page for battery in a mobile phone’s settings. This page shows information regarding the usage of your phone’s battery by apps, system services and mobile hardware in terms of percentage.

When you visit this battery screen and you see that specific app or any service is draining your battery fast, then you can easily uninstall that particular app, or just disable the service so that it does not consume your battery quickly. Apart from that, once you know which apps are draining your battery fast, you could also minimize their use rather than uninstall them if you do not want to. But where can you find this battery screen and the battery usage facts on your Android device? This post will show you just that, so keep on reading to see how to check which apps are draining your battery fast.

Check which apps are draining your battery fast on Android

How to check which apps are draining your battery fast in an Android phone or tablet?

There are many different Android OEMs and brands out there and they all use different UI skins for their Android devices. Does it mean that the process to access the battery screen is different for each OEM’s device? No. The process to access the battery usage screen is fairly similar in each Android device and the different user interfaces. The battery information can be accessed in all of the Android devices because the battery screen in a part of the main Android operating system, so it is included in all of the UIs.

How to open the battery usage screen?

The steps that we have mentioned below on how to open the battery usage screen on an Android are in reference to a OnePlus device. But as we said, the process is similar in all of the Android devices so you should not face any difficulty. So follow the steps given below to open the battery usage screen on your Android device in order to check which apps are draining your battery fast on Android.

STEP 1: First up, proceed to the Settings app on your Android device.

STEP 2: Now swipe up to the battery option in the Settings app. Once you find it, tap on it to open it. But if you are not able to find it on the main page of your Settings app, then this means that it will probably be a part of any other sub menu. So in this circumstance, you can simply click on the search bar that appears on the top of your Settings page and search for “Battery”. When you get the results, tap on the battery option so that you will be taken to the battery settings menu.

Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery Fast on Android 1

STEP 3: Now you need to tap on the Detailed usage stats. With this, you will be able to look at the full statistics of your battery usage by different apps, system services and hardware. The statistics of your battery usage will be shown in percentage of battery used by apps, services or hardware and the report will be determined from after the last time your battery was completely charged.

Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery Fast on Android 2

Which apps are draining your battery fast?

It will not do any good if you check your battery usage if you have fully charged your device just recently. If you want to properly check the battery usage for the different apps and services, then you should first charge up your device up to 100% and then start using it normally. Use your phone until it reaches less than 5% battery.

You should also know that partially charging your battery will not show you proper results because the battery usage screen only keeps a record after a full charge of the battery. Even though you will be able to see which app is using your battery more, but you will not get proper stats about which app has been used more by you.

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When you are able to see the apps and services along with their battery usage percentage, you can obtain the battery usage information of an app or service in further detail just by tapping on the respected app or service. As we mentioned previously, devices from different OEMs come with different UIs. In this case, we got the battery usage details by tapping on usage details. But if you are using a Samsung Android phone or tablet, you will not be able to see a usage details option. Instead, you will have to tap on “Battery Usage” so that you see a detailed report on the battery usage of apps and services on your device.

Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery Fast on Android 3

Battery Usage Stats and Third party apps

Previously, there were various third party applications that could get permission to access battery stats and then they could get access to any details regarding battery drainage. But after some Android updates, this permission was no longer available for third party apps and since then, users can only use the Android battery usage details page. There are still a few apps that can provide with you battery usage information, but the information they do show is not much reliable. This is because the battery usage permissions are now under Google’s control and it is not always true that you get accurate information.

But if your device is rooted, you can make use of various third party apps that will help you get additional information regarding battery usage on your device and battery drainage. But rooting a device is not an easy task and comes with a lot of problems for users. So it is not good to use a rooted device. But if you do use a rooted device, you can check out some apps, such as “Better Battery Stats” that makes use of the root access on your device to provide you with details regarding battery usage on your Android phone or tablet.

Hardware and System services:

The above mentioned steps were to check which apps are draining your draining your battery fast. But with these steps, we are not able to see the battery usage information regarding system services and hardware. For this, you will have to select a few more options and tap on a few more buttons.

When you have opened the battery usage screen, then you will be able to see an icon situated on the top right corner of the screen, with three dots. Now tap on that icon. When you tap on it, you will be able to see an option stating, “Show full device usage”. Open the menu by tapping on it and there, you will be able to see battery usage on your device by system services and hardware presented on your screen. Now you will be able to see all the battery usage, including apps, services and hardware. This will include things such as Android system, Android OS, Screen, Wi-Fi, Google Play store, Cell standby, System UI and others.

Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery Fast on Android 4

What are these System Services:

Now that you know how to check which apps are draining your battery fast, let’s discuss what are these system services that are on your Android device and how do they consume your device’s battery:

Screen: Without interacting with your device’s screen, you can not use your Android smartphone. Whenever you use your phone, you touch your screen, tap on it and see what it is displaying. The screen uses power to operate and power is also used to provide a back lighting for the screen. The amount of battery used for these purposes is displayed in the battery usage stats. If you see that your screen is consuming a large percentage of your device’s battery, then you should turn down the brightness of your screen to reduce battery usage. Furthermore, you can also try changing some display modes to check if it reduces battery use.

Wi-Fi: We all know what know what a Wi-Fi connection is. If you keep the Wi-Fi on your device turned on all the time, then this means that the Wi-Fi service will consume a lot of battery. The Wi-Fi service uses up the same amount of battery while it is connected or not connected. This is because when your phone is not connected to an internet connection, the Wi-Fi module is constantly searching for a connection, which uses up a lot of battery. So a solution to this issue is to turn off the Wi-Fi service when you are not using it.

Cell Standby: This displays the battery used by cellular usage in your phone. If you live in an area where the mobile carrier signals are not very good and your phone has to struggle to maintain a good cellular connection, then this service will use up a large portion of your battery.

Android System and Operating System: The Android system in the Battery usage section consists of the usage of battery by Bluetooth services, device settings and other services that are present in an Android device. The Android operating system consists of all the background processes that are being run in the Android device.

Google Play Services: Google play services are integral for an Android device to work properly. Google Play services are important as they make sure that all processes and services concerning Google Account manager, Google Backup Transport, Google Services Framework are running smoothly. Previously, Google Play services accounted to a large proportion of battery usage. But with newer versions and updates, the issue was considerably reduced. So if you see that Google Play services are consuming a lot of your device’s battery, then try to update Google Play services to the latest version.

So that was it from our side on how to check which apps are draining your battery fast on Android. We also mentioned how to check which services and hardware are consuming more battery. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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