WhatsApp’s New Undo Feature | Restore Deleted Messages

In this guide, we will be talking about WhatsApp’s new undo feature. WhatsApp has been around for a while now. It has many great features, making it one of the best messaging apps for smartphones.

Developers have constantly been updating the application, making it better and more convenient for millions of users around the world. Features are always welcome, so the developers keep adding more. Now, the WhatsApp company has introduced an amazing new feature that will let users undo a “Delete for me” message.

WhatsApp's new undo feature

WhatsApp’s New Undo Feature

WhatsApp’s new undo feature was announced by Will Cathcart, the Head of WhatsApp, in a post on Twitter. The post explained that the new feature will allow undoing a message that you deleted for yourself. If you accidentally use the “Delete for me” option on a message, you are allowed to restore it using WhatsApp’s new undo feature.

This will bring back your original message; you can leave it as it was, or you could use the “Delete for everyone” option. This is a very useful update as such mistakes are very common, and with this feature, many users will be able to get themselves out of tricky situations.

Apart from this great new feature, WhatsApp has made efforts to improve the messaging platform by introducing other new features over the year. One of the major updates was the changes brought to voice messaging. These new features included faster playback of voice messages, waveform visualization, playback out of chat, and remember playback for voice messages.

If you are recording and sending a voice message, you can preview your recording and also pause or resume it while recording. Other significant updates were emoji reactions for chats, larger file-sharing ability, and larger group voice calls with up to 32 participants allowed.

A big feature that was also introduced in 2022 was the ability for Android users to transfer their WhatsApp data to an iOS phone. These mentioned features and changes were some of the significant ones among many other features that were added over the year, along with other improvements.

Users can always expect more in the future. If you want to download the WhatsApp application, you can download it from the Google Play store or Apple’s app store.

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So that was it from our side on WhatsApp’s new undo feature. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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