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WhatsApp Hack That Lets Attackers Easily Gain Access to Your Account

All You Need to Know: The WhatsApp Hack that allows attackers easily getting access to your account. Follow the given steps to protect WhatsApp from hackers.

Here is an easy WhatsApp Hack to stop attackers from gaining access to your account. During the current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak, people are connecting with their loved ones more than usual as they have to stay in their homes. Some bad people including hackers are leveraging the surge in its usage to gain access to user accounts. The techniques used by hackers are quite famous known as “Social Hacking”.And it requires a six-digit verification code that you receive via an SMS message to activate WhatsApp on your mobile. Due to the increase in adoption of Whatsapp would lead it to more vulnerabilities.

Mostly the bad person or attacker is among your friends or known ones. The attackers use already hacked accounts to keep in contact with the victim. It is noted that in most cases the communication can take place through social media sites including Facebook and doesn’t require that friend to have Whatsapp Account.

The attackers pretend that they have not received the security verification code yet on their number that is necessary for registering or signing in again on WhatsApp and asked victims that they’ve sent it to them. Then again ask the victims to send the code again.

WhatsApp Hack That Lets Attackers Easily Gain Access to Your Account


  • The attackers first approaches to you through asking a six-digit verification code.
  • The code is used by attackers to gain access to victims’ WhatsApp accounts.
  • It is advised by WhatsApp to users to avoid sharing security code with others.

.According to a report by English daily The Telegraph, the attack has been re-emerged in the UK. It is restricted many WhatsApp users from using the instant messaging app during the pandemic and also provide hackers a chance to message people using the victims’ accounts. WhatsApp hasn’t provided any fix for the flaw related to its security code.

WhatsApp Hack That Lets Attackers Easily Gain Access to Your Account

However, the Facebook-owned company also advises its users not to share your security verification code with anyone. We have seen that there is a separate FAQ page that users can get back their stolen account by re-verifying their phone number and it will automatically log out the individual using the account through the social hacking process.

WhatsApp Hack That Lets Attackers Easily Gain Access to Your Account

Users are additionally recommended to implement the “Two-Step Verification” setting to protect accounts from being accessed simply through the security code.

You can enable the advanced protection layer on your WhatsApp in the way by going to  Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification. And there is also a need for a PIN when re-registering your phone number with WhatsApp.

We have to wait for a few months as we previously discussed with you about Dark mode by Whatsapp but in a current situation, almost everything around the globe is postponed so we have to wait for more time. We are very hopeful that this article (WhatsApp Hack) would be very helpful for you if you have any queries so you can ask us in the comment section.

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