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How to Improve Battery life Of Android Phone

Improve Battery life Of Android Phone: One of the most important things we consider before buying a new phone is its battery life. How far will it go? Will you be able to use your phone whole day or the battery drains instantly? Well, the whole performance of the phone depends upon its battery life. You may have a lot of useful apps installed in your device but if the battery drains fast enough, you won’t be able to get the benefit and your phone will be of no use to you. Follow the given guide on how to Improve Battery life Of Android Phone.

But do you know there are certain ways, by following which you can now improve the battery life of your old android device? Those simple and effective ways are discussed in this article so keep reading if you are sick of your phone’s battery drainage.

Improve Battery life Of Android Phone

Check your Battery Drainage:

The first step towards improving your phone’s life is by knowing your usage, i.e. how much battery is consumed by a specific app and how often do you use that application. This lets you know whether your phone’s battery is draining quickly or not. In order to check your usage, all you need to do is:

  • Go to notifications and select the ‘cog icon’.
  • This will take you directly to the settings of your phone.
  • After this open the Battery Section.
  • Upon opening there will be an option of ‘Battery Usage’, tap it to find out how much battery is consumed by your installed applications.

You will see the battery consumed by wifi, GPS, and cellular signals. These are the things which are always On in all of our devices. Apart from these, there are other applications which are opened in the background of our phone without our knowledge. They remain open because we do not close them properly and they drain the battery. In order to solve this issue, you need to use Android Oreo.

How To Improve Battery life Of Android Phone:

So the first solution for you In case you want to improve your device’s battery life, all you need to do is to install Android Oreo. This device works by limiting the background activity on your phone which in turn helps in improving android’s battery life.

This method works just fine, however, the only problem is that it works only in latest versions of Android devices.

Another very simple way by which you can preserve your phone battery is by disabling Wireless connections like Wifi. Although it might not seem like it, these wireless connections contribute majorly to lowering our device’s battery so whenever you are not using any such app for which wifi is necessary, turn it off.

By simply keeping your wifi off you will see a drastic difference in your battery life, it’ll become better and will last longer.

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