Want to monitor your kids? Use this app

It can be quite challenging to iron out the complexities while you consider monitoring your children. This is because there are many factors to consider and hard choices to make. How do you balance your child’s right to privacy and liberty with the need for their safety? How do you decide what kind of information you should have access to, and what areas are strictly off-limits? How do you decide which monitoring app you are going to buy, and how are you going to use it? In this article, we will help you resolve the last two questions. This is because balancing privacy and security, along with what you choose to know is a deeply personal matter. Only you and your family can make the right choice in that area. However, we can suggest which app is the most suitable for you regardless of your choice. We are going to do exactly, so let’s take a look at one of the top-performing smartphone monitoring apps for parents.

Want to monitor your kids? Use this app 1

XNSPY Parental Monitoring App

XNSPY is one of the best smartphone monitoring apps because of its sophisticated suite of features, its affordable price tag, options for customization, and high flexibility. In short, the app is capable of casting a wide net to collect all the information that you need, but it also has the option to simply turn on/off any feature at a moment’s notice. This gives you the ability to develop a customized and tailor-made solution for your family.

So what’s the price?

There are two subscription options available for parents. There is the basic version and the premium version. The former does not offer all features, but the latter provides full functionality. The price for the basic version is USD 4.99 a month, and the cost for the premium version is USD 7.49 per month. We suggest you check out the pricing for other apps as well to finalize your decision. Like us, you will likely discover that XNSPY’s premium version is many times more affordable than the basic versions of other apps.

When it comes to compatibility, the app also casts a wide net. It can support all Android devices running on versions 4.0 and above, so you do not have to worry about whether the program can run on the relevant smartphone.

What features does it offer and how do I use them?

This is where we get to the heart of the matter. As previously stated, the app offers all the features that a parent might need, so let’s see what you can do with XNSPY. Take note that the following guide includes information about the XNSPY control panel, which becomes available to you once you purchase a subscription.

Want to monitor your kids? Use this app 2

How can I monitor calls?

You can view all call-related data via the call logs option. You can record phone conversations as well. To use these features, open the XNSPY control panel and browse to the vertical menu on the left. Select “Phone logs” and then select “Calls.” If you want to record a call, you can do so through the “Call recording” option.

How do I read text messages?

Select “Text messages” from the “Phone logs” menu to view all sent or received SMS/MMS. You can also view all messages exchanged via popular social media and instant messaging app via the “Messenger” option.

How do I view the phone’s location?

XNSPY can provide the location of the phone in real-time. This information can be accessed via the “Locations” menu on the menu. You can also use the geofencing feature and view the location history of the device.

How do I monitor internet activity?

You can use the app to view complete web browsing history, read all emails, and view bookmarked pages. To use these features, select the relevant option through the “Phone logs” menu at the top.

How do I block apps or view contacts?

With XNSPY, you can view all the apps installed on the phone. To do so, select “Installed apps” and the panel will showcase a list of apps. You can block or unblock any app in this sub-menu. You can view saved contacts through the “Contacts” option in the “Phone logs” section.

Want to monitor your kids? Use this app 3

How do I manage features?

Head over to the “Settings” option at the bottom of the menu bar. Then, select the “Toggle Features” option. The page will display all features of the XNSPY monitoring app. You can toggle any of them on or off.

Can the app provide alerts?

This is the most interesting feature of the service. To turn on the alerts function, browse to the “Settings” menu. You will see three options titled “Watch list words”, “Watch list locations”, and “Watch list contacts”. You can add anything to these lists and the app will generate an alert if it detects related activity on the smartphone.

Want to monitor your kids? Use this app 4

What other features are available?

There plenty of other features too. For example, XNSPY has a keylogger, a Wi-Fi logger, a dedicated screen-time management feature, and phone remote control options. You can use the app to remotely take screenshots, turn on the microphone, lock the device, and delete stored data.

The control panel is intuitively designed. However, with the above guide, you can quickly figure out how to use the service most effectively. Furthermore, you can access the control panel from anywhere in the world as all you need is an internet connection.

Now that we have discussed these important aspects, you may be wondering if there are some things you should consider before purchasing it. Well, we will now identify some major pros and cons of the XNSPY parental monitoring app.

XNSPY Pros & Cons


  • XNSPY is the most affordable parental monitoring app with its premium version coming in at just USD 7.49 a month.
  • The app has a comprehensive suite of features, including the Toggle on/off function so it can be customized for your needs.
  • The alert-lists are extremely useful and very effective in keeping you informed at all times.


  • You may have to root the Android phone if you wish to use some specific features.
  • Many features provided by the service are quite intrusive.
  • XNSPY does not have a content filtering tool, so you may have to purchase a separate program for that.


Can’t decide? Here is a quick summary of the app to help you make a choice.

Price USD 4.99/ month for basic version & USD 7.49/ month for premium.
Compatibility All Android versions 4.0 and above.
Do I need physical access to the phone? Yes, but only for installation purposes.


Is it hidden? Yes. XNSPY is completely hidden after installation.
Call log Yes. Available via the phone logs menu.
Call recording Yes. Available via the call recording menu.
Call interception Feature not available with XNSPY.
SMS monitoring Yes. Available through the phone’s log menu.
Spoof SMS Feature not available with XNSPY.
IM & Social media Yes. Available via the Messenger menu on the control panel.
GPS tracking Feature not available with XNSPY.
Geofencing Feature not available with XNSPY.
Email access Yes. Available via the phone logs menu.
Photos Yes. Available via the Photos menu.
Videos Yes. Available via the Videos menu.
Audio Available.
Web history Yes. Available via the phone logs menu.
Content filtering Feature not available with XNSPY.
Camera control Feature not available with XNSPY.
Screenshot  Yes. Available via the remote control menu.
Microphone recording  Yes. Available via the remote control menu.
App blocking Yes. Available via the Installed Apps menu.
Phone lock Yes. Available via the Remote Control menu.
Phone data deletion Yes. Available via the Remote Control menu.
Data export You can access the feature via the settings menu.
Toggle features Yes. You can turn on/off any feature via the settings menu.
Instant alerts Available for all messages, locations, contacts, keylogger, and web searches. You can access the feature via the settings menu.
Rooting Required for some features. Check out the app’s website for more info.


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