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Universal Fastboot and ADB Tool | Root Any Android Device, Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery

Android is an open-source Operating System. It means that all types of customizations are possible by flashing or installing any third party files such as custom ROMs or root access. These actions such as rooting a phone, downloading custom ROMs, flashing any custom firmware, or installing a custom recovery can be done with the help of tools such as the Universal Fastboot and ADB tool. The Universal Fastboot and ADB tool is a very flexible tool which you can use almost all of the Android devices out there, hence the name universal. Using this tool, you are just a few clicks away to perform any of these functions.

Developed by mauronofrio, the Universal Fastboot, and ADB tool is one of the best Fastboot and ADB tool out there. The rooting process is a very complicated process and takes a lot of time, where you have to go through the effort of unlocking your bootloader, then installing a custom or stock recovery and after that, you can actually root your device. That is why most of the Android users who want to get their device rooted, look for rooting methods that are less complicated and are easier. This tool is ideal for the mentioned users as it reduces the rooting task to just a few simple clicks.

Universal Fastboot and ADB Tool

If you are interested in installing the Universal Fastboot & ADB Tool then go ahead and follow the complete guide.

Universal Fastboot And ADB Tool-Supported features:

This tool provides your Android phone with all the features that it requires to install custom ROMs and custom or stock recoveries. Another useful aspect of this tool is that it gets back to back updates and the tool updates itself automatically. This means that you do not have to install this tool again and again in order to have the latest version with you.

Universal Fastboot and ADB tool

Below mentioned is the list of all the features that are supported by this tool:

  • It installs the appropriate drivers itself
  • It unlocks bootloader on your Android device
  • It can flash custom or stock recovery
  • It can reboot your phone from anywhere to anywhere
  • It can update automatically to the latest version
  • It can do a complete wipe from Fastboot
  • It opens a command window with Fastboot and ADB privileged


Before proceeding on to the installation process of the Universal Fastboot and ADB tool, you need to have a few things done and checked:

  • You need to make sure that the USB debugging option on your Android device is enabled. [ Get the guide from here: Enable USB debugging mode]
  • You also need to have the “Unknown Sources” option turned on. This is for downloading APK files manually. The method to do this is:
    • Open the Settings. Then you need to browse down to the last row of options and then click on the Gear icon.
    •  In Settings, you should be able to see an option Security & restrictions, click it.
    • There you will find an option listed for Unknown Sources, enable it.
  • You also need to take care that your device is charged up to at least 80%.
  • Last of all, you are required to have the appropriate USB drivers for your device downloaded and installed on your computer. You can get them from here: Download Android USB drivers

Download Universal Fastboot and ADB tool

You can download the Universal Fastboot and ADB tool from here:


Credits: mauronofrio @ XDA-Developers

How to Install Universal Fastboot and ADB tool

After you have download the Universal Fastboot and ADB tool from the download link provided above, you can proceed with the installation. The installation process is very straight forward and simple to carry out. Here is a list of steps to install the Universal Fastboot and ADB tool:

  1. First, download the Universal Fastboot and ADB zip file from the download link provided above.
  2. Then extract the file to any folder on your computer.
  3. Then open the Setup.exe.
  4. After that, just click on install
  5. And that is it! As soon as the installation completes, you can connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable and start using the various features that the tool provides.


The Universal Fastboot and ADB tool have been created to support all devices compatible with Fastboot and ADB. Unfortunately, there is no proper compatibility list for this tool, so you can not see if this tool is compatible with your phone model. One thing you can do is to try out this tool with your Android device and then check if this works or not. This tool only works with Windows PC, so you need to have one in order to use this tool.

We hope that you found this article useful. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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