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Download TWRP 3.4.0 For Legacy Devices Upgraded To Android 10

Here is how to download and install the TWRP 3.4.0 for legacy devices upgraded to Android 10. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is one of the best and most popular custom recoveries in the Android market. Recently, the team TWRP custom recovery released its latest updated version which is TWRP 3.4.0. The TWRP custom recovery already supports most of the OEM’s new and old smartphones. Now the new version of TWRP 3.4.0 custom recovery added support for a large number of devices. This latest custom recovery is fully compatible with Android 10 devices.

So if you are an advanced user and wish to customize your device, then you can download and install the TWRP 3.4.0 for legacy devices running on Android 10. Here in this article, we come with a step by step guide on how to download and install the TWRP 3.4.0 for legacy Android 10 devices. The TWRP 3.4.0 custom recovery comes with lots of new features, customizations, many other improvements, and much more. Also given below we share the full official changelog of TWRP 3.4.0 custom recovery. The TWRP custom recovery is a widely used custom recovery all over the world.

In the field of customization, TWRP custom recovery is the main concern. The first step is to flash the latest TWRP custom recovery and then you will be able to customize your device. There are many advantages of installing the TWRP custom recovery. Once you flash this TWRP 3.4.0 on your device, you will be able to flash different custom ROMs, Kernel, Mods, install third-party apps, restore and take backup the current system, root your device, and much more.

Keep in mind that while flashing the official TWRP 3.4.0 for legacy Android 10 devices, your device’s whole data will be wiped clean. So we highly recommend you taking the proper backup of all your phone’s important data before proceeding. If you are interested in downloading and installing the TWRP 3.4.0 for legacy Android 10 devices, then go ahead and follow the given guide.

Download TWRP 3.4.0 For Legacy Devices

The full changelog for the TWRP 3.4.0 custom recovery:

  • System As Root (SAR)
    • Fix backup and restore using SAR – dianlujitao
    • System mount point – Chaosmaster
    • ORS – Chaosmaster
    • Zip install – Chaosmaster
    • system_root bind mount to /system – Chaosmaster
    • Autodetection of SAR – Chaosmaster
  • Digest
    • fix creation of digests for sub-partitions (was bugfix applied to many devices since last year) – Bigbiff
  • Encryption
    • ext4Crypt Wrapped Key Update – Peter Cai
    • Fix upgrading encryption key if export fails – Peter Cai
    • Fix wrapped key support for devices without metadata partition – mauronofrio
    • Don’t skip decryption when using block map file in order to write to /data in ORS – CaptainThrowback
    • FDE – Decrypt master key first – AndroidableDroid
    • vold_decrypt – set Android version and patch level automatically – CaptainThrowback
    • The set wrapped decrypt support by twrp flag – Peter Cai
    • Don’t try wrapped support unless needed – mauronofrio
    • restore ext4 policy on /data/cache – Bigbiff
    • multiuser decryption – Noah Jacobson
    • FDE retry – AndroidableDroid
  • TWRP App
    • unmount system after checking for the app – Bigbiff
  • Prebuilt updates –
  • Compilation Fixes:
    • TW_EXFAT_FUSE compilation fixes – Bigbiff
    • libuuid – cryptomilk
    • ‘system/etc/ld.config.txt’ not found error – Martin Dünkelmann
  • Language Updates:
    • Portugal – Vasco Machado
    • Dutch – Ian Macdonald
    • Turkish – Fatih Fırıncı
    • The localisation of Backup_Tar: Ian Macdonald
  • ld.config.txt
    • updates for 8.x trees – CaptainThrowback
    • fix search path for /sbin – CaptainThrowback
    • /sbin should come first in search path – Ian Macdonald
  • General Bugs
    • Fix persistent log storage – SyberHexen
    • Compress Persistent Logs – Bigbiff
    • FB2PNG compilation errors – Bigbiff
    • exclude per_boot from backups – Darth9
    • Unmount all directories that point to same block device – AndroidableDroid
    • Blank screen fixes – Sean hoyt
    • The toolbox is defaulted on android-9+ – mauronofrio
  • Cleanup –
    • Typo fix in the comment – VDavid003
    • newlines in ext4crypt – CaptainThrowback
    • TW_OEM_BUILD compilation issue – Patrick Zacharias
    • Fix Dependency requirements – Dees_Troy
    • Fix Symbolic links for BB and Toolbox – Dees_Troy
  • Bootloader Message
    • cleanup – Alessandro Astone
    • add configurable offsets
  • Error Cleanup
    • uevent errors and decryption error – mauronofrio
    • using copy_file to copy files from /etc – CaptainThrowback
    • ueventd access to /acct – early directory creation in init – cryptomilk
  • Haptics
    • TSP Driver – LameMonster82
    • QTI Input – AndroidableDroid
  • update_engine
    • read all asserts – Hernán Castañón
  • Resetprop
    • Add Resetprop from Magisk – CaptainThrowback & mauronofrio
    • compile from source – Chaosmaster
    • fix for android-7 and earlier – Chaosmaster
    • cleanup for spaces in properties – AndroidableDroid
  • Properties
    • Add Property override – Chaosmaster
  • Backup tool
    • mount system and vendor for A/B installs for backup tool – Chaosmaster
  • twrpTar
    • fix backup freezes when pigz and openaes are used – Fabrice Bellet
  • Zip Installs
    • Info for A/B zip installing to inactive slot – Chaosmaster
    • Reboot to system button now allows to be rebooted to different partitions after zip install
    • progressbar rework – Chaosmaster
  • Magisk updates
    • update binaries from the source – AndroidableDroid
  • A/B Updater Zip Template
    • rewrite A/B installer zip from scratch using a new generic template and latest magiskboot – osm0sis
    • installer zip support for recovery_a/recovery_b partition ramdisks on newer 2SI SAR A/B devices – osm0sis
    • generate installer zips for all prod A/B devices – bigbiff
    • improve installer zip dump/write speed and add more error catching – arter97 & osm0sis
  • OZIP Encryption Support
    • add OZIP encryption – mauronofrio
  • File Selector
    • Support for more extensions in File Selector – mauronofrio


AndroidBlog will not responsible for any damage that occurred to your Android device during or after the installation of TWRP custom recovery. Please keep in mind that replacing the stock recovery with TWRP recovery isn’t an Unofficial process so that you will lose the warranty of your Android device.


  • Take a proper backup of all your important data like your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, and audio files on the Android device before starting the flashing process. We recommend keeping everything safe and secured by syncing your files with your account.
  • Install ADB and Fastboot to your personal computer
  • A Windows-based PC will be required for this process to install the Android device USB drivers and the Android SDK toolkit.
  • The bootloader of your phone should be unlocked. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to flash the TWRP.
  • Enable USB Debugging option by navigating to Menu – Settings – Developer Options.
  • The battery level of your Android device smartphone should be at least about 70% to avoid unexpected shutdowns during installation.

Required Files:

Steps To Install Official TWRP 3.4.0 For Legacy Devices Upgraded to

Android 10:

Step-1 First, download the latest TWRP 3.4.0 custom recovery for your device from the above link.

Guide to flash the TWRP custom recovery for any Android device

Source: XDA

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