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Turn-Off Gboard’s Annoying Clipboard Suggestion

With the term Gboard what comes to your mind? A skateboard… No, a cupboard… No, a snowboard well not at all…

Turn-Off Gboard's Annoying Clipboard Suggestion 1

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app developed by Google for Android and iOS devices. It was first released in May 2016, followed by public release on Android in December 2016.


Google’s keyboard, since the beginning has been one of the leaders of productivity keyboards, providing some very well-designed and easy to access features to users.

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Lots of Android devices—including the Pixel line of premium phones—already use Gboard by default. It’s been widely with 658,779 total downloads as of today. It contains too many other useful features but the shortcut to understanding the scope of its powers is the knowledge that it has Google built-in. That means you can search the internet directly from your keyboard. It has GIF search built-in feature. You can make a GIF. From your keyboard. Any time you want. And there are many more features within the app. Addition to its various language options also plus feature of the Gboard app.

Gboard Language

Addition to it as per ease Google’s own keyboard app has a feature called Clipboard, which keeps track of things you have copied on your device, such as text and images. Having them stored inside of Gboard allows for sharing them down the road.

How to turn on Gboard Clipboard?

Google keyboard’s clipboard does not turn on by default. You have to manually go and turn on this feature. This is a simple step.

Step 1: Open any app where you need the keyboard. While using the same, tap on the ‘Google’ button.

Step 2: Now Tap on More (3 dots).

Step 3: Tap on Understood.

Step 4: Select the Clipboard option.

Step 5: Now Tap on Turn on Clipboard.

Gboard, offers the option to paste the clipboard’s content through quick suggestions. You don’t need to long-press and click on paste- instead, you can tap the suggestion to paste the copied items, including text, password, or image, in the desired input field.

Gboard Clipboard suggestion

How to turn off Gboard Clipboard?

While clipboard suggestion makes copying a lot easier on Android, some people may find it annoying. However, several users don’t like this new feature and want to turn off Clipboard suggestions. Here in this guide we will show and tell that how you can disable clipboard paste suggestions in Gboard.

It would be best if you download and sign up for the Gboard beta version 10.3 (or later) in order to disable the clipboard suggestions. Alternatively, you can directly download the beta build from APKMirror.

Google makes efforts to enhance the design and appearance of its keyboard to improve the user experience. If somehow you don’t like the new clipboard suggestions, you have the option to revert it back. You just need to follow the steps given below simply:

  1. Go to the Google Play store and there register for Gboard beta tester by clicking on the option become a tester.
  2. Update your app with the latest version available on the google play store.
  3. Wait until the update gets installed, then open the Gboard’s settings and simply click on the Clipboard option.
  4. Now, if you want to turn off this feature, simply toggle the button.

That’s it. Now, your Gboard’s clipboard suggestion is turn off. You can enable it anytime when you want by just following the same procedure.

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