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Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021

You will observe that most phones this year were launched without presence of USB Wall chargers in the box. If you have been wondering why the latest Samsung and Apple phones lack the USB wall charger, it is because they aim to minimize the environmental impact caused by the production process.

7 Fastest Samsung USB Wall Chargers

It indeed is exasperating for the purchasers considering they spend around $1800 on these flagship phones like the recent Galaxy Z Fold 3. Therefore, we have constructed a list of most fast, powerful yet affordable charging bricks that support both USB-C and A ports.

Anker PowerPort III Duo:

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PowerPort III Duo is a Type-C Foldable charger and is perfect for Pixel phones, Samsung, and iPhone 11 / iPhone 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max. Its compatibility is remarkably wide as it works ideally with not just phones but tablets as well. It can charge an iPhone Pro to 50 percent in just 25 minutes.

It supports two USB-C ports with PowerIQ 3.0 which is a latest Anker popular charging technology. It is a 30W charger on which you can simultaneously charge two devices.

As mentioned earlier it is foldable and compact which renders this USB-C charger always travel ready. PowerPort III Duo also provides MultiProtect superior safety technology to protect the users and the device. The charger comes with an 18-month warranty.

Spigen Dual USB Wall Charger

Spigen, a South Korean company that is commonly known for manufacturing protective phone cases, also manufactures worth buying chargers.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 1

It offers two ports with which you can charge two devices together at 40W. It should be noted that if device is charged using Single Port it would be at 30W max.

Spigen Dual USB C charger is compatible with most of the devices. It has a Blue LED indicator that shows it is powered on. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

UGREEN 65W Charger

UGREEN 4 port USB C PD charger provides a 65W when used in a combined manner. It is compatible with iPhones, Samsung devices and even tablets and laptops. UGREEN charger can completely charge a MacBook Pro 13 in 1.8 hours.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 2

It comes with three USB-C and one USB-A port, you can charge four devices simultaneously. The charger is lightweight and portable; it has a smart chipset that allows it to provide safe charging by protecting the devices against short-circuit and over-heating.

Belkin USB-C PD 3.0 Wall Charger:

This compact and travel-ready charger is certified with PPS technology and delivers charging at 25 W for Samsung smartphones and 20 W for iPhones. It is compatible with all Samsung and iPhone devices; you can charge up your Samsung S20+ from 0 to 50 percent in just 20 minutes and your iPhone 8 from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 3

Furthermore, owing to PPS technology the charger automatically adjusts the voltage output to ensure that optimal charging and the ideal amount of power is delivered to the connected device in accordance with its requirements.

RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 USB Wall Charger

This conveniently portable charger comes with one iSmart 2.0 Port and one P.D 3 port for USB-C devices. It delivers charging at 61 W and if both ports are utilized simultaneously, it still delivers huge power of 57 W. It is compatible wit worldwide voltage of 100-240V.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 4

The charger is quite versatile as it supports charging for various sorts of devices including laptops. It is perfect for Samsung phones like Galaxy Z Fold 3. Furthermore, with the P.D Port, you can fully charge your MacBook Pro 13 in approximately 2. 1 hours.

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RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charger

This four-port charger delivers 65W charging. With this, you can charge your laptop and your Samsung device at the same time. Moreover, it also supports two USB-A ports.

If you are charging four devices at the same time, thanks to Intelligent Power Allocation technology, it will make sure that all of the connected devices receive high ideal charging. Moreover, Advance GaN Tech ensures that the charger does not heat up. It is indeed perfect for a working from home scenario where you have to charge up multiple devices simultaneously.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 5

It should be noted that that when Electrically Marked cable is used with this charger, it will support maximum 65W. However, if a random USB-C to C cable is used then you will only get 60 W. Unlike the charger we mentioned previously, it does not support PPS technology so it does not provide 25W/45W fast charging. Also, when you use third-party data cable for charging Apple smartphones the charging will be slow.

CHOETECH 20W PD Fast Charger

CHOETECH is a small, compact and a lightweight charger. It was designed in a manner so that users can simply toss it into their travel bags without any inconvenience. It provides a 20W rapid charge and is compatible with iPhone devices, Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones.

Top Best Samsung USB Wall Chargers in 2021 6

In addition to that, it comes with protection from overheating, overvoltage, short-circuit and over current. It is made up of UL 94V-0 which means it is fireproof and high temperature resistant.

Another important factor to consider are the prices which will rely mostly on the size of the charger and the number and type of ports it has to offer. Starting with the least expensive ones, the CHOETECH 20W PD Wall Charger is available in the market at just $12.99 whereas the Belkin 25W Power Delivery USB C PPS Wall Charger costs $19.99.

The RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 Wall Charger is priced at $21.99 and you can purchase the Spigen 40W Dual USB C Wall Charger for $29.99. Now for more expensive ones, the RAVPower 65W Desktop USB Charger which offers 4 ports and is priced at $49 whereas the UGREEN 65W 4 Port GaN Charger, which is generally available at $45, is currently being sold at discount price of $35.29.

In the end, it all depends on the purchaser’s desire – whether they are in need of a low-cost charger or a highly efficient one that is broadly compatible.

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