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Android mobile phones are very efficient and have the ability to do most of the heavy task. Android smartphone gaming is also evolved in few years. Android smartphones nowadays are capable to play heavy games and powerful than few computers and they are suitable to play games with good graphics. There is a very large number of Android games and is increasing day by day. But there is gaming type which is almost liked by every gamer and that is racing games. Racing games give the player a thrilling feeling to run the fast and exotic cars at high speed. Also, car and bike enthusiast love to play racing games so that they can play with their dream cars and bikes.

So we have collected three best racing games having great gameplay and graphics and the list is right below.

Asphalt 8 Airborne Game for Android

This game is created by Gameloft. As you all know about the Gameloft that it makes a very nice and pleasuring game for its user, same goes for this beautiful racing game. This game has amazing graphics with an outstanding gameplay making the Asphalt 8 dream game for every gamer. This game has some powerful exotic cars with nitro installed in them which let the gamer enjoy the race in super-fast speed on the most beautiful scenes. The cool feature about this game is that you can also play it online so you can have a race with your friend or compete with different players around the world this game also has bikes in it, good news for bike lovers.

Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Asphalt 8 - Car Racing Game
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: Free

CSR Racing 2 Game for Android

CSR is quite different from other racing games like in this game you don’t just race at super-fast speed but it is a drag racing game where you have to shift at the time and manage your car. The graphics of this game is astounding with a very smooth gameplay. CSR Racing 2 also has a multiplayer mode where you can have a drag with various players around the world.  You can also buy the cars you want to and modify them as you want.

Real Racing 3 – Game For Android

Real racing 3 as it names to show it is a very realistic game available for the android. This game has a variety of cars. The tracks of this game are just like the real world. The game manufacturer EA keeps on adding more features to the game like adding more cars and beautiful tracks to keep the game more enjoyable. You can customize the cars like painting them and modify them as you want. In this game, you can also enter in the game events to win the brand new car in the game.

Real Racing  3
Real Racing  3
Price: Free

We hope that you’ll love these awesome Android racing games. Share your experience with us in the comments area below that which games do you like the most.

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