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Top 5 New Games of 2020 You Don’t Want to Miss Out in April

In this easy to read a few-minutes blog, we will talk the top 5 games you of 2020 that you surely need to play. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The year 2020 has been a big year for video games. There have been quite astonishing video game releases this year and many others are yet to come.

Top 5 New Games of 2020

Take a Look at These Top 5 New Games of 2020

Here is the list of the top 5 new games of 2020. Let us know about your favorite game in the comments area below.

Predator Hunting Grounds

Predator Hunting Ground - Top 5 New Games of 2020

The main character of this game “The Predator” is an asymmetrical shooter that you might have seen many times in different games. But, in all honesty, what sets apart this game is the overall gameplay. Predator is the real monster to be able to play with and once you are familiar with the character, it is easy to adapt the gameplay.

Basically, Predator has a single meter to handle everything that gives him to do a lot of stuff. One thing that might be in interest to you is that in movies you have seen him as a bad guy but this might be unfair in the game. 

If you are not the Predator than the point is to get out of the forest. You do have a nice range of weapons from shotguns to assault rifles to more heavy weapons. However, all the jumping between the trees in the forest makes playing as the predator appealing. There is a lot of fun playing as a Predator. There are a lot of different weapons that the Predator specifically has access to. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The game is, of course, a Big Daddy release. Final Fantasy VII Remake is undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal games ever made and that is why it is in our top 5 new games of 2020 list. The remake will take you to a new separate world of Final Fantasy. The minute you watch the demo, all your doubts will vanish. 

The kind of Banter and playing back and forth goes incredibly with the tone of the game. Alongside that, the overall engine style of play – the boss design, the engine design, the play level design is outstanding. 

The game is going to be very long because of the expansion of Midgar. But it will be quite exciting as you will be seeing a very large amount of Final Fantasy 7 over the next long while. 


It is an exciting truck game where you will go through extreme truck environments. The physics of this SnowRunner is quite incredible. You will go through extreme freezing environments with a pretty deep simulation on environments.

There is a simulation for different water levels of the environment. The game will keep you pretty engaged. You may end up in muddy terrains or you may end up in frozen terrains. Your truck will react differently no matter in what terrain you may end up in.

What’s particularly cool is when you have to cross water, the water levels may upturn your truck and overwhelm it so you have to drive cautiously. There is a wide range of different trucks that can you drive. From small pickup trucks to heavy semi-trucks. Moreover, there is a tonne of industrial equipment that you can drive. All in all the game is a pretty in-depth trucking simulation which is a lot of fun to play. 

Deliver Us to the Moon

Deliver Us to the Moon

The game is a sci-fi thriller that should be on your wish list. Deliver Us to the Moon is based on a post-apocalyptic future where there is no source on the Earth that works anymore. But one is found on the moon. Now, a base is set up to harvest the energy but something happens.that results in all communications on the base being ceased. 

Here comes the fun part! You are an astronaut that is going to investigate what happened. The game is not so long. It’s one of those games that will suck you in entirely. There is such a good telling of a story. The story is also refreshingly simple in a manner that makes it a lot more believable. 

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4 : Summer Memories

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories has a fairly novel concept where you have to escape a city that has been destroyed. Now, you will play as a character that goes into the city for a job interview. There is a massive earthquake and you are trapped.

The gameplay is too cool as you can enter-collapse buildings and try to find new ways to get out. While you are doing this, you’ll find other survivors. The interesting thing is you can use PS VR with this game. It’s obviously a series game that will gain your interest if you love to series games. 

These are the top 5 games of 2020 that you surely don’t want to miss out in April. Feel free to comment about which game you are eagerly waiting for. 

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