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Android Pie: Top 5 Exciting Features!

5 Best Android Pie Exciting Features You Must Know

Android Pie! It is one of those incremental updates again new letter versions are not those like massive drastic changes anymore like there used to be back in the day but, then it makes sense when they’ve been refining Android for so long they’re kind of tweaking things at this point. It is worth noting that there are actually some pretty cool new things so, these are the five biggest new feature changes to Android Pie!


android pie

So, number one is the new visuals and there are just a couple smaller things it’s just a general look and feel of a few tweaks you might not even notice them if you didn’t look closely at them but, first of all, the clock is over to the left corner now. It used to be on the right and still, it changes color. If you have a dark wallpaper it’ll be a light clock, if you have a light wallpaper it’ll be dark and that’s also along with all the buttons on the bottom.

The app drawer also now has this more defined dock instead of a gradient shade behind it so it’s more obvious. I think that may affect the way people make their wallpaper choice but, again it’s obviously pretty minor you might not notice but, then the biggest main thing is these quick settings up at the top; everything is, first of all, in circles with a blue and white.

Quick Settings

android pie

Moving on, number two is those quick settings and this is one of those things in Android that they always seem to tweak and like every new version they can’t really make up their mind on how they want it to look so, they’ve changed it again here.

Now, if you have had enough of quick settings, then you will have to wait for another two minutes cause it’s this vertically scrolling list now instead of a left-to-right paginate at UI and it has a big obvious bar at the bottom so it’s generally a little bit cleaner and more obvious where things are at.

However, the only problem is that you can’t long-press to expand the toggles anymore and we get those quick settings are supposed to be quick and that it’s just a one press toggle but that was really useful if you had a bunch of Wi-Fi networks on, you long-pressed and you could get in and explore them or a bunch of Bluetooth devices. Android Pie does not have it anymore.

Volume Controls

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Number three is the new volume controls. This is definitely a pretty popular change so far. First of all, pressing the volume buttons adjusts the media volume by default so, that’s pretty sweet and you will see that it’s in the bar over at the side now; it’s out of the way instead of that huge thing across the top. It goes up and down instead of left to right. This means that now it matches the volume button on the phone which is cool.

Then there’s this button at the bottom to switch between ringer modes so vibrate or silent or volume on and then an arrow at the top is to view your connected devices so, if you have some Bluetooth speakers or if it’s connected to your wireless headphones or, in that matter, your car Bluetooth, they’ll all show up here so this a pretty big win for Android Pie.

Settings App

Number four is the new Settings app, and again this is one of those things that seem to change in every new letter of Android, and they’ve changed it again here so with Android Pie, they got some color in there; all the icons are big round colorful circles on the side but it’s not too animated meaning that every icon is a different color but, then you get into the actual settings menus and they look the same as they were before so it’s pretty clean.

Notch Support

android pia

On number 5, last but certainly not least, is the notch support in Android Pie. It’s a little more of an indication of our future than it is a feature of the present so, if you go into settings and display and themes there is actually a couple different themes that simulate a notch at the top of the phone and so this is so developers can see what their app would look like on a phone that actually has a notch so, they can see what the behavior looks like and make sure everything still works and it’s laid out properly so there’s a small narrow notch at the top like the Essential phone might have or a medium one or even the big unibrow-one like the iPhone 10 has.

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