Best Android Icon Packs To Use in 2020

Download Top 10 Android Icon Packs For Your Android Smartphone

Everyone has an Android phone with them in this era and we love personalizing it. As there are lots of customization available to change the graphics of your mobile phones. Sometimes it becomes tough t select from this wide variety of customization. Icons are the most attractive in them. But some of them are quite hard on the RAM. So, here is the list of best Android Icon Packs to make your phone more elegant.

Best Android Icon Packs in 2020

Every icon has it’s own specialty and appearance. Some of them are dark and some are very light. You can get very confused while selecting the right icons. We have shortlisted some world-class Android Icons for you. Without wasting more time let’s jump directly to the list:

Best Icon Packs for Android in 2020

1. CandyCans

CandyCans is one of the best Android Icon Pack with colorful icons inspired by Google’s material design. Every app has its own icon shape in a variety of colors. If you love colorful themes this icon pack has more than 1000 icons to choose from.

2. PixBit

PixBit is a literal pixel icon pack with an awesome appearance. It has 1,000 colorful as well as minimalist 8-bit inspired icons. If you remember playing old handy video games this icon with take you to that era. Its awesome design is the reason why it is one of the best Android Icon Packs to make your phone look out of the world.

3. DarkMatter

If you are searching for an icon pack with colors and black both blended to each other DrakMatter is best for you. The icons are beautifully drawn with a black outline. It has more than 3,000 icons looks like drawn by a kid and underlined by black color.

4. Delta

Love tidy and neat designs? Delta can be a good catch for you. With small icons, your phone will look very organized and tidy. The icons are not very different from each other which makes them more relatable. With more than 1000 designed it looks more pastel themed. This tidy look makes it the best Android Icon Packs on this list.

5. Polycon

Polycon is another icon pack inspired by Google’s material design. With unique shapes and vibrant colors, you will definitely love this icon pack. It is the best example of quality over quantity. As the total number of icons is only 800 but each one is more beautiful than others.

6. Retrorika

Retriorika is also inspired by Google’s material design with a vintage touch. If you like vintage design and logos Retrorika is a very viable option. It has more than 4,000 icons and 100+ wallpaper to choose from. So, it will bring a vintage vibe to your Homescreen and this feature put it into tye ist of best Android on Packs in 2020.

7. Voxel

As the name suggests, Voxel is all about neat squares. The icons are beautifully colored and arranged in a square-like design. It looks very neat on your home screen. With simple colors and long shadows, it will make your phone look more attractive. It has more than 3000 icons and more is added with the latest updates. It can make your day if you like simple designs.

8. Zwart

Zwart is a black-themed icon pack which is a replacement of a black stamped icon pack of Google play store. It has a very beautiful monochrome design fit with every smartphone make it very popular in the list of best Android Icon Packs. It has more than 5,000 icons. You can even request your favorite icon to the tool if it is not there.

9. Atran

If you are obsessed with unified circular designs Atran can be a good option for you. It has more than 4000 icons and 30 HD wallpapers to make your phone look more attractive. More icons are updated time by time. With the Retro filter look, it gives a more realistic look to the Homescreen. This originality made it one of the best Android Icon Packs to install on your phone.

10. Tigad

Tigad is one of the best Android Icon Packs known for its 3D design. Not everyone likes it but it is very pleasant for the 3D shape lovers. It has more than 7,000 3D icon designs. It also offers many other wallpapers to make your Homescreen more attractive.


So, here we have completed the list of best Android Icon Packs. From black-themed lovers to pixels we have everything on the list. Comment below about your favorite icon pack.

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