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The Android phone should be faster, smarter, lightweight and free of junk. Mostly all of the Android users installing many apps from the Google Play Store but they couldn’t find that which one is working perfectly to keep the Android phone or tablet running like new. I personally installed various cleaning apps to speed up my phone, free up storage space and collecting junk in the small files from leftover installs or even old applications. But finally, I found an awesome app, The Cleaner by Liquidum Limited (4.8 MB), which not only helps you to speed up your phone to perform faster but also free up storage space.

The Cleaner, is a clean, uncluttered and extremely easy to use free Android app with a great looking UI and nice animations that comes with a variety of themes for those looking to personalize things. One extra theme  is for free, the others are available through in-app purchases (Screenshots given below). With a one touch system for both storage and running apps, you can clear memory and get a free storage space within a few seconds. The Cleaner is a good-looking app, that is designed to do some key tasks on your Android device.

The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean


The Cleaner app contains a simple “tabbed” menu that enables you to select which form of memory you want to clean and analyze first. In tabbed menu, the first screen is the system memory or the amount of RAM that can be recovered.

The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean

Once you analyze the phone’s memory, a list of applications will be appeared, showing memory storage usage and its amount, so just select or tick the ones that you’d like to free your memory of. The cleaning process should only take a few seconds, depending on the amount of apps which need to be cleaned up. On completion, you will be told that how much RAM has been recovered.


Swiping to the left of your screen, the next tab is storage, from here the old and unused files/documents can be eliminated and you’ll get rid of any junk files or caches. The configuration is the same as with memory “freeing” screen. Again you can choose to check or uncheck what you want to clean or delete.

The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean


The third tab in the tabbed menu is Apps that provides much useful information and sorts apps into neat categories from the date you installed the app. The most interesting option is the “App Usage” menu. When you install The Cleaner, it will start apps monitoring.


The fourth and final tab is conversations/text messages and calls. Whenever you make a call or receives a message a small amount of memory is used, and if you have thousands of text messages or calls the space can add up.

Overall The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean is an amazing and really useful app having powerful options, especially for those who are facing slow performance and low RAM issues. Using The Cleaner on your Android device at intervals, you can significantly boost its performance. The best thing, this app is totally free. Just try it once and I am sure that you’ll love it.

Let us know in the comments area below that which cleaning app you are using on your Android device.

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