Simplify Your Android Experience With fooView – Float viewer

Usually, I don’t like the applications with shows any floating message or has floating icon. But I have to reconsider my choice because of this application fooview – Float View is simply amazing. This application, literally makes your Android smartphone so smooth and quite simple. It has so many options like having a cool transparent semi-circle at the edge of the screen. This application gives you full access to simplify your stuff on your mobile phone which includes file access, onscreen text translation, using gestures to launch apps, navigations and many other features. This application is so interesting for the guys who like to sort their things on the smartphone.

Installing fooView – Float Viewer:

You can easily find this application on play store download it on your mobile device, but after downloading and installing this application you have to pass through some permission to start using fooview. When you will open the application, you will face the permissions which need access. The application will require accessibility. It will show you an option of Enable Accessibility just tap on it and it will open the settings where you can perform this action. Foo view will also ask for the notification access and you have to do same by tapping on the Enable Notification to go to the settings and Enable it.

Nothing else is required to run the app you just have to grant the permission after you are done with them your application is ready for your use. The fooview application has a chat head just like facebook messenger has by looks but its function is different it does not open chats, by taping on it you will open gestures in the app.

This application is quite handy for the people having big mobile phones and small hands.

Simplify Your Android Experience With fooView – Float viewer 1


Fooview has a navigation bar which can replace your stock Android navigation bar. This navigation bar is simple and cool at the same time as having floating balls instead of navigation keys.

Simplify Your Android Experience With fooView – Float viewer 2

Press and Hold

Another cool feature about this application is that it provides a unique Place and Hold option which gives you quick access to apps and other functions on your smartphone. You can open the recent apps, take screenshots with a tap and record the screen.

Simplify Your Android Experience With fooView – Float viewer 3

Translate and Fractional Screenshot

You can translate any text and take a screenshot while using this application. You have to tap on the circle in fooview and place it on any spot you want to take a screenshot of. There will be a red plus sign you have to move this icon at the spot you want to take a screenshot of and it will become yellow and capture a screenshot of that spot. IF the selected area has some kind of text in it the fooview app will also translate this text for you.

Simplify Your Android Experience With fooView – Float viewer 4

These two features of this application are my favorite and quite impressive because I’ve never found them in any other application.

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