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How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile

Here is the guide to how you can share screen on Facebook Messenger on mobile phones. With the latest version of the Facebook messenger app, users are now able to share screen on Facebook Messenger with their friends. This facility has been available over Facebook Messenger on PC for users from a long time, but it has only recently been introduced to Facebook Messenger on mobile phones. This feature brings in a lot of advantages for the users such as easy expression of their ideas and concept from a mobile phone. In order to know how to share screen on Facebook Messenger on mobile, continue reading our guide.

Facebook messenger is among the top instant messaging and video calling or voice calling platforms. An important factor of its popularity is that it provides users with much more facilities than just instant messaging and calls. It also allows friends to easily exchange images, documents and links as well. What adds the icing on the cake? Well you already know it, now users can even present their mobile phone screens to their friends. As important as this feature is for businessmen and professionals over Facebook, it is just as useful for friends who simply want to show others what they are viewing on their screens.

share screen on facebook messenger

Screen Sharing on Facebook Messenger

As mentioned earlier, the option for screen sharing has been available for users using Facebook Messenger on desktops from a long time. Introducing this feature to mobile phones took users by surprise because it is not common for mobile applications to have this type of feature. In fact, Facebook Messenger is the first major instant messaging applications to introduce the screen sharing feature on mobile phones. Thanks to growing merging of screen recording inside Android, it is now made possible for third party applications to provide consistent screen sharing.

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Screen sharing while being on a call proves useful in various scenarios. Useful scenarios include displaying unique images, videos or information that is available only on one phone. Or perhaps discussing a problem occurred in one of the mobile phones or to even discuss ideas with the help of a drawing or sketching application on a mobile phone. The feature to share screen on Facebook Messenger opens a lot of new possibilities for users especially during this pandemic.

How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile

Sharing screen on the Facebook Messenger app on mobile is really simple. But the option is not easily accessible and is not visible to users. But do not worry, we have listed down the steps for the entire process and added images to make it convenient for you. You do not require anything, except of course the latest version of the Messenger app to share screen on Facebook Messenger mobile. If you have an older version of the Messenger app, you just need to update it from the Play Store or install it from there.

Now, you just need to implement the following steps to share screen on Facebook Messenger:

  1.  Open the Messenger app.
  2. Then call the person that you want to share your screen with. You can also do a group call.
  3. As soon as you are connected on the call, swipe up from the buttons menu at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You should be able to see a Share your screen button. Click on it.                                                                          How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile 1
  5. The applications will then ask for your permission. Grant them.                                                                              How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile 2
  6. As soon as you click on the Start Now button, other people on the call should now be able to see your screen. Your camera would be turned off but you would still be able to talk to them as normal.
  7. You can bring down your notification drawer in order to see the status of current call along with the option to stop screen sharing.

How to Share Screen on Facebook Messenger Mobile 3


That is it! With Facebook Messenger already having many users, you can share screen on Facebook Messenger mobile at any time. We hope that you found the article helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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