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How to Easily Schedule the Work Profile on Android Phones

Think how awesomely relieving it’ll be if we could separately schedule our personal life and work profile just with the click of a single button even in our real life.

No wonder most of the well-developed countries follow this regime of strict 5days, 9 to 5 working policy and rest is the personal time they can spend with their families and for leisure.

But in most of the developing countries, the term work-life balance is messed up. It’s just merely a term used for satisfying the employees whereas in the true essence it is just a hollow concept

Work-life balance

Google initially launched the work profile concept in 2018, but couldn’t remarkably diverged its functions, but with recent updates, Google quietly rolled a new feature a few months ago.

On Android phones, Google rolled out the Digital Wellbeing feature for the sole purpose of separating work from personal life. Digital Wellbeing app helps Android users reduce their smartphone usage for personal purpose, rather they can focus better on work.

Work profile on Android

These days where due to the COVID pandemic whole world is emphasizing more on work from home status, and the corporate world is forcing people worldwide to get accustomed to a work-from-home environment.

Recently Google has also introduced a new work profile scheduler that would help users automatically pause all work profile apps once they’re off the clock.

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How to Setup Work Profile:

Setting up a separate work profile on your android device enables you to use the same device for work as well as for personal purposes without hindering your private data saved on the same phone. Data related to work is managed by the organization and the personal apps, data and usage remain private. This is how to setup a work profile on your device.


Choose an option first Go to Settings > Accounts. If you have a work profile, it’s listed in the Work section. On some devices, work profiles are also listed directly in Settings.

  • If you have a new or factory-reset device, start the device and follow the prompts to get to the Google sign-in screen.
  • If your device isn’t new, tap Settings then Accounts followed by Add account and Google.
  1. If prompted, enter your device password.
  2. Enter your Google Workspace email address (Your Google Workspace address is the email address that you use for work or school) and tap Next.
  3. Enter your password and tap Next.
  4. To accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap I agree.
  5. If prompted, tap More > Next > Next and choose an option:
    • Tap Use for work only.
    • Tap Use for work & personal.
      How to Easily Schedule the Work Profile on Android Phones 1
  6. Create a screen lock, tap Next and follow the steps. After the screen lock is created, you’re done. You can access your work apps and data on the device.

Watch the video to get details of the steps above https://youtu.be/hlfWAcHY5O8

How to Move Apps to Work Profile:

If you created a work profile on your device, you might see work apps on your home screen. You can also access all work apps from your work profile.

personal vs work profile app


Work profile apps are marked with a briefcase icon so you can distinguish them from personal apps. To access your work apps:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to the top.
  2. Tap the “Work” tab.
  3. Tap the app that you want to open.

If your work app icons are gray, your work profile may be paused.

work profile apps home screen

Steps to Connect Apps Between Personal and Work Profile:

Connecting different apps across profiles can enhance the way you use your device.

  1. Open and use any app in your work profile.
  2. Follow the prompt to open Settings.
  3. Toggle the Connect these apps
  4. Review the permissions screen to learn how your data will be shared between connected apps.
  5. To connect the apps, click Allow.


How to Schedule Work Profile on Android:

With work profile enabled on your Android smartphone, pause or discontinue using it according to a set schedule is also made possible by Google.

By scheduling a work profile all the work-related apps will disable/ disconnect as per schedule time saved once the working time is over, whereas your personal digital life will also be disconnected during working hours.


  • Open up the Settings app on your android smartphone.
  • Scroll down and go to “Digital Wellbeing and parental controls.”
  • Under the “Ways to Disconnect” section, you will see an option that reads “Work profile schedule” Tap on it.
  • Now select “Set a schedule.”
  • On the next page, you will see the option for setting the days and hours for your work profile.
  • Tap on “Start” and “End” to set the beginning and end of the working hours.
  • Tap on the days of the week shown in between start and end to select the days from the week for your work profile.
  • Once you have set everything according to your liking, tap on the “Set” button in the top right corner of your screen

work profile scheduler

All the latest phones and One Plus also included these features in their Utility section turning out this work-life balance agenda a common one.

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