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Samsung removes ads from its apps: an easy win for Samsung!

If you have a Samsung phone having One UI, you might be familiar with those annoying ads. However, it would not be annoying anymore as Samsung removes ads from its first-party apps. The company decided to stop showing those ads, and it might be the best move Samsung has. This is great news for everyone, including Samsung.

No, I’m not crazy. Nor am I saying that Samsung should make decisions that cut its profits. I am saying that it seems like the whole mess wasn’t worth it, and Samsung removes ads will get them on the top.

These ads weren’t really that big of a deal. You saw ads in the Samsung Weather app, Samsung Pay, the Samsung Phone app, and a few other places. Sometimes these apps are for Samsung services or apps built exclusively for Samsung by third parties, but sometimes they were ads for KFC or Yahoo. Although, the worst ones were push-notification style ads that appear in your notification bar. None of them blocked any content or added to the vast amount of data Samsung collects.

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Samsung removes ads from apps

Overview: Samsung removes ads from apps

It might be difficult to accept the fact that you paid $1000 or more for a smartphone. Yet, you are seeing ads after spending bucks. Well, it’s a shitty way to treat your customers. Imagine if Toyota put ads in the instrument panel of a new car.

Samsung isn’t the only company selling numerous phones every year and putting ads on their own apps. Apple does the same in one way or another. The App Store, the News app, the Stocks app, and even the Settings app on the iPhone have ads in them. Sometimes for Apple products or services, sometimes for Quicken Loans.

With your new Samsung phone, you can swap out the apps that have ads for ones that don’t and make them the default. On an iPhone, you really can’t do the same. For some reason, though, the tech press and the users called for heads to roll at Samsung over ads in “stock” apps while Apple often gets a pass. I can’t explain it, but I can say that the practice isn’t only a Samsung thing, and nobody was ever harmed by an ad in a Samsung app.

This doesn’t mean we should sit back and enjoy them or stay quiet. Samsung removes ads from its first-party apps is a great step towards the future. The bigger story here is all about the what. What finally spurred Samsung to pull the ads out of its apps? The first thing I always look at is the money. Samsung never said that they were making bucks as an ad platform.

There is plenty of talk about the company spending money to advertise but none saying that having ads in the weather app turned a profit. That’s expected because Google and Facebook do everything they can do to make all the money from all the ads. There’s no room left for anyone else to squeeze in right now, not even a company as wealthy as Samsung.

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Reason behind Samsung removes ads

The only thing that could some this up is that Samsung did it as a gesture of goodwill to its most loyal customers. They are the customer who buys a new Samsung phone every year and isn’t interested in trying a device from anyone else. Those are the people most affected and the people who yell the loudest.

If Samsung wasn’t making a lot of money from ads anyway, dropping them to appease customers is a smart move. Anshel Sag, a senior analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told Android Central: “I think the ad removals will be beneficial to the company. Many users find it intrusive and obnoxious.” However, making your loyal customers happy is important than making a few bucks by displaying ads.

Well, we are quite happy as you are. Samsung removes ads from its apps will make the customers happy and enhance their experience with Samsung. Moreover, pulling ads out of One UI will not harm Samsung and the company will not lose anything in the end.

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