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Latest Eye-Catching Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Everything You Need To Know

Today we bring to you the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series review – the contemporary best android watch released on 11 August 2021, along with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.  For a long time, there has not been any model smartwatch for android users, but now the wait is over!

Google and Samsung have combined efforts to provide to you Wear OS 3 and Galaxy Watch 4 series – Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic which feature One UI which is Samsung’s most comprehensible and foolproof User Interface.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series – Display & Design:

Owing to compact sensors, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Galaxy Watch 4 and The Classic both accentuate more slimmer bodies when compared to previous generations. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic’s bodies feature stainless steel and Galaxy watch 4 is made from lightweight aluminum. While the former’s rotating bezel and voluminous body is the iteration Galaxy Watch 3, the latter resembles Galaxy Watch Active 2 more with its smoother, digital, and sportier design.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series

Coming with preloaded watch displays, the super AMOLED display looks sharp and colorful. With a 396 x 396 resolution, the “40mm” Galaxy Watch 4 & “42 mm” Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, there is a Super AMOLED display of 1.2 inches where as a 450 x 450 resolution and 1.4 inches display for users with “44mm” Galaxy watch 4 and “46mm” Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

There is more to the design choice. The aluminum watch comes in two configurations – 40 mm and 44 mm sizes whereas for the Classic, it is 42 mm and 46 mm. For the choice of color, The Galaxy Watch 4 is available in four colors Pink, Green, Black, and Silver while the Classic only offers the last two. Pink is for the 40 mm case in Galaxy 4 whereas green is exclusive for 44 mm.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series has further introduced interchangeable bands that are sweat-resistant and made of different materials, like Hybrid Leather Band or Sports Band, to match your outfit and mood.

Latest Eye-Catching Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Everything You Need To Know 1

Performance & Software:

The Galaxy Watch 4 Series carry a 5nm Exynos W920 SoC with the 40 mm variant possessing 247mAh battery and the 44mm a 361mAh cell. However, since the display of 44mm variant is also bigger thus larger battery capacity here does not imply longer battery life. All variants of the Galaxy Watch 4 Series offer similar battery life and can be fully charged in approximately two hours.

The most attention catching detail here is that of the software. These models feature the product of collaboration between Google and Samsung – One UI. Through this latest platform the users have access to Google services, Samsung’s popular Apps and several other third-party apps.

You can work completely independently with LTE version, and it doesn’t just end there. In addition to the fact that the watch has 16 GB Storage capacity and 1.5 GB RAM, the Auto-Switch features that the Galaxy buds Pro was launched with are also compatible with Galaxy Watch 4 series, owing to which the process of switching between devices is faster than ever.

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Health & Body Analysis Features:

To all the fitness enthusiasts or anyone too concerned for their health, this is what you have been waiting for.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series offer Bioactive Sensors that include Optical Heart Rate Sensor (OHR), Electrical Heart Rate (HER) Sensor and Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) sensor. The function of BIAS is to measure fat composition of the body and is usually found on smart scales. What is does is that it measures the disruption or impedance in the harmless voltage current that is sent through the body. The bones, muscles and fat possess different electrical resistances, the data from which is then used by the BIA sensor to estimate fat composition of the person and then to state if the person is obese.

Latest Eye-Catching Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Everything You Need To Know 2

Apart from these sensors, to offer in depth survey of your well-being, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series further provide blood oxygen tracking. How is it useful? Blood Oxygen Monitoring can give you an insight on how effectively oxygen is being carried by your blood throughout the body. This feature is of immense value for people with asthma, pneumonia, and even those who are tested positive for COVID-19!

What’s more in store is that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series also offer sleep tracking and keeps record of your sleeping patterns. There is another addition to it, snore detection feature has also been integrated with the Samsung Health App. Compared to the other devices that add new data every 30 minutes, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series make the same addition once a minute!

The users can install the app on their phones and track their data from there. Another spectacular introduction is that the users don’t have to worry about remembering to set their alarms on. With the intelligent alarm clock functionality featured in both Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, the users can simply “drift off to their sleep peacefully” says the Sleep Cycle’s chief product officer.

Latest Eye-Catching Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Series: Everything You Need To Know 3

Price & Availability:

Now after you have fully familiarized yourself with the specs of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, some of you that found yourselves interested in what these watches have to offer, would certainly like to know at what price these are available. Refer to the information below to find out.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

  1. 40 mm Bluetooth/Wi-fi: $249.99
  2. 40 mm LTE: $299.99
  3. 44 mm Bluetooth/Wi-fi: $279.99
  4. 44 mm LTE: $329.99

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

  1. 42 mm Bluetooth/Wi-fi: $349.99
  2. 42 mm LTE: $399.99
  3. 46 mm Bluetooth/Wi-fi: $379.99
  4. 46 mm LTE: $429.99

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