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Samsung Galaxy S22 leaked specs, release date, and price

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is not expected to launch until early 2022. But this doesn’t stop leaks and rumors from circulating about what’s expected to be Samsung’s next non-folding flagship phone. 

So far, the features tipped for the Galaxy S22 tend to be camera-centric, notably that the phone could have a camera developed in partnership with Olympus. But others also have the Galaxy 22 predicted to have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 895 chip, a thinner design, and an under-display camera.

Notably, some refinement in camera performance would be welcome, as the likes of the iPhone 12 Pro, Google Pixel 5 and Oppo Find X3 Pro set the bar high for smartphone photography over the past 12 months. And by the time the Samsung Galaxy S22 arrives, it will likely need to square off against the iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 isn’t likely to be released this year, and it may even be gone for good. So the Galaxy 22 will need to deliver a serious next-generation flagship experience to battle its rivals.

But, what’s being rumored so far, the Galaxy S22 might fit all the expectations. So, here’s all the early rumors from the Galaxy S22.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 (Rumored)

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date (rumored)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will likely launch in early 2022. Samsung moved up the release date of the Galaxy S21 from its typical February timeframe to January 29. 

It’s not clear whether Samsung will be as aggressive this time around. The last Friday in January 2022 is January 28, if Samsung sticks to a similar timeframe for the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 price

We haven’t seemed any rumors on its price yet, but we anticipate that Samsung will keep the prices similar to the Galaxy S21 lineup. The company reduced the cost for all three models by $200, and we don’t see prices going back up.

So if Samsung stays consistent, the Galaxy S22 will cost $799, the Galaxy S22 Plus will be $999 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be priced at $1,199.

Samsung Galaxy S22 under-display camera and design

The biggest change that could be coming to the Galaxy S22 is an under-display camera. This would enable a true full-screen design without a traditional punch hole at the top of the display. 

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has filed a patent for a punch hole camera with sub-display. And an internal pop-up display covers the selfie camera when it’s not in use. Given that the iPhone 13 is rumored to still include a notch, even if it’s smaller than the notch on the iPhone 12 — this design change could give Samsung a notable advantage.

Elsewhere, a tip from leaker Mauri QHD on Twitter claims that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will feature a thinner design than the Galaxy S21. However, this may result in smaller batteries. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 displays

The Galaxy S22 would be 6.06 inches (down from 6.2 inches on the S21); the S22 Plus would sport a 6.5-inch panel (down from 6.7 inches); and the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be 6.81 inches (down from 6.9 inches).

In addition, Mauri QHD claims that only the Galaxy S22 Ultra will boast LTPO Technology, which means only it would be able to scale the refresh rate on its display from 120Hz down to 1Hz. This helps save battery life, as seen in the current Galaxy S21 range, only those don’t scale down to 1Hz. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 graphics and specs

The main chip powering the Galaxy S22 could the new Snapdragon 895, which is said to be a 4nm chip. It could get a major boost in graphic power with a GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture. That’s not to say the Galaxy S22 will have the power of the latest games consoles, but it could easily surpass the best gaming handsets.

What’s not clear is whether this AMD tech will be reserved for Samsung’s Exynos 2200 processor or if it will also find a home in the Snapdragon 895. A separate report claims that Samsung will reintroduce vapor chamber cooling in its 2022 phones. Though it doesn’t specify which handsets would get the tech, it would make sense for the Galaxy S22 to be among them, particularly if the above rumors around its AMD GPU prove to be correct.

Samsung Galaxy S22 charging and battery

Samsung might re-introduce upwards of 65W fast charging with the Galaxy S22. This comes courtesy of known leaker Ice Universe, who claims that Samsung is testing 25W, 45W, and 65W charging.

Samsung has used 45W charging before as an option with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, that option disappeared with the Galaxy Note 20 and S21 phones. We’d really like to see faster charging on the Galaxy S22.

At The End

These are all the rumors revolving around the Galaxy S22 series. But, only time will tell which ones are correct and which are nowhere near to the actual phone.

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