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Samsung Galaxy S20: News, Release Date, Leaks, Galaxy S11 Rumors and Specs

Samsung has been phenomenal with the Galaxy S series and has certainly been the most awaited choice every year. It has been under the spotlight for a very long time due to the majority’s inclination towards it.

Samsung went with minor upgrades in the S9 series, however, with the launch of Galaxy S10 in 2019, Samsung gained praise for introducing new features such as triple rear cameras and Infinity-O design, etc. Now we are looking forward to a new Samsung model and apparently, Samsung is coming with the name of Galaxy S20, which is a surprise since they are going to skip the name Galaxy S11.

News, Release Date, Leaks, Galaxy S11 Rumors and Specs

Of course, the concerns regarding the features Samsung is going to introduce us with its new model are circulating among the interesting buyers.

What we know so far is that it will be launched on February 11th at an event in San Francisco. According to the news, there will be three versions of S20: Samsung S20, Samsung S20+, and Samsung S20 Ultra. Their expected sizes will be 6.4 inches diagonally for Samsung S20,6.7 inches for Samsung S20+ and Samsung S20 Ultra to be 6.9 inches which will be the largest screen along with 5G connectivity as a standard connection.

Talking about the basic specs, S20 series is launching in China, US and some other countries with processor SNAPDRAGON 865 while in Europe they will be going for EXYNOS 990. It has been rumored that EXYNOS 990 is facing difficulties matching the speed of Qualcomm equivalent which is bad news for the buyers in Europe as they might be using potentially less efficient and slower phones.

Moving on to other basic specs we have 12 GB RAM with the storage variety of 128/256/512 GB storage. As long as the battery is concerned we might see a battery of 4500-5000mAh.Furthermore, if we talk about the chassis of the phone; it’s more rounded than we would have expected along with a small hole-punched camera in the center top of the phone which hints to relying on the same fingerprint unlock that we have experienced before.

The most interesting aspect of this new Samsung model will be the array of cameras at the back. It includes a 108 Megapixel main camera along with a telephoto zoom which provides us with 5 times more zoom than a telescope setup.8K video quality is rumored to be introduced by Samsung new models which will be an impeccable feature.

All in all, the Samsung lovers are super excited to welcome this new Samsung series and certainly can wait to experience these new features that Samsung is going to introduce us with.

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