Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers

Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers

In this guide, we will show you you how to download Samsung Galaxy S20 FE stock wallpapers. Recently, Samsung released their brand new Fan Edition of the Galaxy S20 known as the Galaxy S20 FE. The phone was launched during an online event that took place after the announcements of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold. Even though the phone is regarded as a mid range device, it is still characterized by key flagship specifications. The Galaxy S20 FE proves itself a great addition by carrying specifications such as 120Hz display and a high end processor. And just like every other phone, this one also comes with stock wallpapers.

Samsung did confess that releasing the Galaxy S20 FE was not initially planned. But a change of plans occurred due to the pandemic and the company decided to develop an affordable version of their flagship device. Even though it does carry the same software specifications as the Galaxy S20, it does lack a few hardware specs to make it affordable. The Galaxy S20 FE Stock wallpapers are another great part of the mid range phone. From this article, you can download the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE stock wallpapers for your current device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers 1

There are a total of 8 Galaxy S20 FE stock wallpapers available to download. Due to the fact that it is a simpler version of the Galaxy S20, it has similar stock wallpapers as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20. These wallpapers present a resolution of 2400×2400. Such a high resolution make the wallpaper compatible for any modern phone and since the ratio is a square, the wallpapers also support compatibility for wallpaper scrolling effects on home screens.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers

All of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE stock wallpapers are available right ahead. You are advised to go for the zip file if you want to avail them at the highest resolution. For users who are looking to select backgrounds, there is an entire gallery linked as well.

Download Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers

Below mentioned are some further details:

  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition
  • No. of wallpapers: 8
  • File size: 28.7 MB
  • Resolution: 2400 x 2400 wallpapers

Check out some of the wallpapers from below. Keep in mind that you can download these wallpapers from here, but they are for preview purpose only and are not in full resolution. In order to download them, tap and hold to save. Then you can use the default wallpaper picker in your device to set it as your background.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers 2

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Stock Wallpapers 3

And that was it from our side. We hope that you found this article helpful. Please share your thoughts and comments down in the comment section below.


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