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Is Samsung Galaxy S10E a Waterproof Device?

Samsung Galaxy S10E Waterproof Test.

Samsung Galaxy S10E Waterproof Test: Is the Samsung Galaxy S10E a waterproof device? Samsung released its S10 series back in March 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10E was a part of the S10 series as well. Many customers looked forward to buying the S10E as it was the cheapest option available in the S10 series. But of course, before buying any mobile customers look for the phone’s features and traits and one of those features is the device’s water resistance. Users want to know that is the Samsung Galaxy S10E a waterproof device? To answer that query, we are going to conduct the Samsung Galaxy S10E waterproof test.

Customers ought to check for the official IP68 ratings that the companies give to their mobiles. A waterproof smartphone brings a lot of advantages with itself such as it is resistant to any damage from accident water splashes, it can take underwater photography or videography and you can even take it with you to baths. So it becomes a straightforward fact that customers get attracted to waterproof mobile phones. Samsung itself has announced that the Galaxy S10E is a waterproof device with official IP68 ratings. But of course customers need another type of confirmation so we have conducted the Samsung Galaxy S10E waterproof test to confirm these ratings and to answer your questions.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S10E a Waterproof Device?

The Smartphone market is constantly growing and companies are introducing one mobile after another. The major obstacle that stands in the way of the companies being able to sell their smartphones is that most of the mobile phones do not come with the official IP68 waterproof ratings. But the Galaxy S10E is one of the latest devices of the Samsung company, so of course Samsung would try to attract customers towards the device, so it has official IP68 ratings. Before we continue to the Samsung Galaxy S10E waterproof test, let’s discuss some of the device’s specifications.

Device Specifications

Device Name Samsung Galaxy S10E
Screen   5.80-inch display & pixel density of 522 pixels per inch
Processor 1.9GHz octa-core Samsung Exynos 9820 processor
Battery 3100 mAh
IP67/68 waterproof ratings IP 68 water & dust resistance

What does IP68 mean?

Now to answer your question, IP68 is a waterproof rating for mobile phones, you probably would have guessed this much up till now. This rating has been given to many of Samsung’s devices. What does this actually mean? Well, it means that the mobile phone with this rating can be immersed up to 1.5 meters in water for 30 minutes and still be all right. Nevertheless, to actually test the strength of the water-resistance of the phone and to check if the ratings are legit, we will carry out the Samsung Galaxy S10E waterproof test.

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Samsung Galaxy S10E Waterproof Test

We are going to perform a few different tests to check how much water can the Samsung Galaxy S10E actually resist and how long can it remain underwater without being damaged. As the IP68 ratings suggest, most of the phones can stay 1.5 meters underwater for about 30 minutes long. Nevertheless, we will test it by conducting a few tests.


We suggest that you should not carry out these tests in your home. We will not take responsibility for any consequence of this test. The test is only used to give an idea of the strength of the device’s water resistance. We recommend that you do not try this at home as your device may be damaged.

Samsung Galaxy S10E Quick Immersion Test

In this test, we are getting to put the device in water for 30 seconds. After that, we are going to test whether the device has got any harm or not.

After performing the quick immersion test we didn’t discover any signs of harm on the device. Since the device is IP68 certified, it’s awesome that the device can withstand being submerged in water for 30 seconds. You don’t have to be stressed over small drops or coincidental splashes of water or tea or juices while using the Galaxy S10E.

Samsung Galaxy S10E Shower test

In this test, we are planning to suspend the device in a counterfeit shower or a rain environment. Afterward we are going to conclude that is the device perfect to use in blustery conditions or showery conditions.

After performing the Samsung Galaxy S10E Waterproof test in counterfeit rain conditions, we came to the conclusion that the device was working perfectly fine. Furthermore, the device’s speaker works well in these circumstances. This implies that you will tune in to music or conversation with your adored ones while you are taking a shower.

Samsung Galaxy S10E Water Immersion Test

In this test, we are reaching to submerge the device in a pail full of water for half an hour and will check if the Galaxy S10E is fine afterward this test or is it damaged.

After conducting the water immersion test, we came to the conclusion that the device can withstand being in the water for 30 seconds and will be impeccably fine. This eventually suggests that underwater photography and videography are possible with this device. But you need to be careful that you do not keep this device submerged in water for any longer than 30 minutes because the device is designed to withstand being underwater for only 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S10E Dust Proof Test

This test is not to check the water-resistance of this device. Instead, this is to check that if the device is dustproof or not. To check this, we will keep the device exposed to sandy surroundings with high speeds of wind with a lot of sand particles and grains. This situation is counterfeit to dust storms and will imply if the device can retain itself in these circumstances or not.

After the dustproof test, we can conclude that the device is dustproof because the device was working perfectly fine and had no dust particles inside it.

Conclusion: Can Samsung Galaxy S10E survive underwater?

Samsung Galaxy S10E is an outstanding device with waterproof and dustproof features. So you don’t have to stress over getting your device damaged by water. You can safely use the Samsung Galaxy S10E for the following activities without any risks of damaging it:

  • Underwater photography
  • Underwater videography
  • Underwater video calls and live streaming
  • Listening to music while taking a shower
  • Talking while in rain or storm, etc.
I hope you are satisfied with the tests and would use the Samsung Galaxy S10E without any fear of damage from water.

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