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Download Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 Update | April 2020 Security Patch

Here is a detailed guide on how to download and install Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 Update. Samsung has never failed to amaze its users with its mobile phones and the remarkable qualities attributed to them. Evidence of this was its release of the Galaxy A51 at the end of 2019. In no time the Galaxy, with its stunning features and reasonable price, climbed to the company’s list of top best-selling smartphones and in addition to that, became Samsung’s best mid-range smartphone after the Galaxy A71.

The thing that puts the icing on the cake is the fact that the Galaxy A51 is getting a UI update, which further enhances the experience for its users.

Samsung Galaxy A51 was originally released with Android 10 freshly unveiled. The UI used in the phone was the One UI 2 with Android 10. This android version brings multiple amendments to the previous user interface along with several new features, most of which debuted in the most recent flagship, the S20 series. These features include alterations to font size, modification to icon placement, and updates to the camera, largely inspired by the S20.

download Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 update

Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 Update

The update is based on Android 10 and brings major amendments to the user interface (UI). It brings up Samsung’s signature One UI, from version 2 to 2.1. The update brings about several changes to the user interface but as it builds upon the One UI 2.0, users will still feel comfortable after updating it. The major refinements that the update brings are listed below:

  • One UI 2.1
  • Quick Share and Music share
  • Live caption mode
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji Update
  • April 2020 security patch

Download Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 Update

ONE UI 2.1:

The fresh UI brings changes to several places such as Font size modification, improved Icon positioning, and minor adjustments to enhance the general design. The notification pull-down receives additional buttons and options to make it more convenient for users.

Quick Share:

Let’s be honest. Many of us wished for an app like AirDrop for Samsung. Well, here it is. Quick Share is a new Samsung app that lets users share files, such as pictures, videos, and documents to other Samsung devices which can meet the criteria for the app.

Music Share

A question, how many times do friends fight over what music to play in parties or meetings? Well, every time. Music share solves the problem because now, different phones can share the same Bluetooth speaker. It is based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and is compatible with almost every music application. This application allows users to effortlessly share Bluetooth speakers and headsets which are already connected to their devices. Who would have thought Samsung would help to maintain friendships?

Live Caption Mode:

It is another favorable addition that automatically displays subtitles for any media that is being played over the mobile phone. The feature makes use of Artificial Intelligence to show live subtitles of any media, be it a video, music, a movie, or a podcast. This also proves a great feature for people who are deaf or people with hearing problems. It is unerringly accurate at transcribing audio, and when you consider the fact that it is doing so in real-time, it only becomes more enticing. Oh, and one more thing, it is doing all of this on-device without even connecting to the internet! How’s that for a feature?

AR Emoji Update:

Ever faced difficulty while trying to find a suitable emoji for a conversation? Well, it’s time to leave those days behind. With this feature, the mobile phone creates an animated version of the user which can then be used to record their movements and facial expressions. Now users can find the perfect emoji for any conversation with their friends or family.

April 2020 Security Patch:

Furthermore, the update comes with a new and enhanced security patch. This is a much-appreciated amendment as users are provided continuous security through these monthly updates, through which Google overcomes any bugs, susceptibility, and any flaws in the security system.

Download Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 Update

3BTD4 Android 10 Update for Samsung Galaxy A51:

Build Number 3BTD4
Android Version Android 10 / Q
Security Patch Level April 2020
Changelist Number 18509473
One UI Version One UI 2.1

The software is available on our website and can be downloaded from the given link. Proceed to download Samsung Galaxy A51 One UI 2.1 update.

Once the firmware file is downloaded, you can follow this guide to install stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A51 using Odin.

The update is reportedly rolling out to Galaxy A51 users in parts of Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey and will likely extend to more markets including India in the following days.

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