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Samsung’s Double Folding and Rollable Phone Display Concept

Samsung is a leader in folding and flexible display technology, and has been introducing some revolutionary advancement in this genre from time to time. Previously giant names such as LG and TCL and Sony etc, has been pioneering in the display advancements as well.

Since half a century as computing has moved out of office, to homes and then recently to streets, so has display technology. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) technology has been in circulation for years, this OLED can display incredibly high-resolution images on screen that are thinner and more energy efficient. This emitting display technology has revolutionized to next generation screen such as bendy displays and foldable smartphones.

Samsung’s Annual Display Features for Smart Devices 2021:

Samsung has recently introduced some exciting next-generation screen technology for smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Recently a first glimpse at a double-folding display was unveiled. This keep in mind comes along with a neat sliding or rollable smartphone panel.

Introducing S-foldable:

The revolutionary screens by Samsung include “S-foldable” and “rollable” displays for mobile devices; this is said to have been to extend the screen horizontally without any folds while keeping the shape of current smartphones.

The most exciting feature display of S-foldable with OLED panel, which Samsung has sternly patented on. Shown in the images are the concept based devices works like a regular smartphone when double-folded, but then has the feature of converting into fully into a large 7.2-inch tablet, on opening fully.

Samsung's S-foldable's display

Comparing Samsung Galaxy Fold:

Similarly Samsung Galaxy Fold series has the innovative factor, great battery life and loads of camera characteristics are similarly compared with these display features, but these display phones are better as tablets, as well as they are claimed to be very delicate. The main concern would be the two “creases” on the screen, but we hope Samsung figures out a way to prevent creases in folding plastic displays; with this current S-foldable phones.

Samsung's S-foldable's display

Above images are all concept devices, Samsung is all-in on foldables lately and within short span of 12 to 18 months these smartphones will be launched into the market with price tags matching any other pricy device. As newer the technology the more expensive the device will be.

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