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How To Root Android Smartphones with SuperSU Zip

Follow the given guide to download and install SuperSu Zip. This detailed guide will let you root Android smartphones with SuperSu zip.

Here is how to root Android smartphones with SuperSU Zip. Are you having trouble with rooting your phone? You do not have to worry anymore about it. This article is a complete guide for you to understand what rooting does to your phone, how to root your smartphone, and how to install SuperSU Zip on your phone. Rooting is basically done to make android phones perform to their full potential. It provides complete control over the system and enables you to modify the software.

It also allows you to install other software that is otherwise limited by the manufacturer. Having your device rooted you could do various beneficial things. For instance, running a firewall, overclock and underclock, backing up your system manually, and many other handy tweaks giving access to the system.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process that enables you to get control of your device by gaining root access of the Android Operating system code. It is similar to that of jailbreaking an Apple phone. It allows you to remove barriers from your Android phone and make the software work the way you want it.

How To Root Android Smartphones with SuperSU Zip 1

Understanding SuperSU

In this article, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to download SuperSU for rooting your phone. However, it would be pertinent to understand the term SuperSU first. SuperSU is a free service that gives you complete control of your phone. It keeps a track of all root granted apps that require root. It is developed by Chainfire with the sole purpose of managing the rooting. It requires Superuser access rights for all the apps on your phone that need root, and also a rooted device. We will provide a complete step by step guide on how to install SuperSU on your Android device.

Steps To Install Supersu Zip Using TWRP Recovery:

In order to install SuperSU Zip, TWRP recovery is required on your device. Below are the steps for installing SuperSU Zip:

  • Firstly, ensure downloading the SuperSU Zip file.
  • After it is downloaded, move the SuperSU Zip file to the root of the phone’s internal memory.
  • Then, switch off your phone.
  • Once the phone is switched off, press the “Volume down + Power” button simultaneously to boot into TWRP Recovery mode. For some phones, press the “Volume up + Power” button to access the recovery menu.
  • Backup your current ROM clicking on the “Backup” button, as your phone enters into TWRP Recovery mode. Following clicking on the Backup button, various options will appear on your screen. Select data, system, boot, and swipe to take the backup of the selected options.
  • Click on the “Install” menu. You will see the SuperSU Zip file, select the SuperSU zip file.
  • Swipe to confirm flash
  • As you swipe, click on “Reboot System”. That will be all! Your Android device is rooted through SuperSU Zip successfully.
  • To check whether you have installed the root properly, download the “Root Checker App” from Google Play Store. This app checks the root status; if the app identifies root access then it indicates that you have successfully installed it.

Steps To Uninstall SuperSU

A simple method to uninstall SuperSU is as follows:

Step 1- Go to SuperSU app

Step 2- Click on the “Setting” tab

Step 3- Find the “Cleanup” option

Step 4- To uninstall, hit “Full Unroot” tab

Step 5- It will be followed by a prompt to confirm. Click “Continue”

Step 6- SuperSU will be uninstalled successfully. Reboot your phone, and you are good to go!

SuperSU Features

There are many people who confuse rooting with hacking. That is utterly wrong, the term Rooting has a completely different function. It gives you control over your device and increases the efficiency of the device.

SuperSU is an App that assists you to root your device, offering various advanced features. It includes Superuser access logging/ notifications, temporary unroot, permanent unroot, runs in ghost mode, works when android is not properly booted, and many other outstanding features.

How To Root Android Smartphones with SuperSU Zip 2

Moreover, there is a Pro version of SuperSU. It features OTA survival mode, per-app logging configuration, PIN protection, accepts or denies root to an app, and per-app user override.

Bottom Line:

Thus, get SuperSU App right away to optimize the use of your Android phone. Root your device using SuperSU App for free, and take control of your device. The aforementioned features of the SuperSU app make it best for rooting your Android device, enabling you to modify the system as you like.

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