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How To Root Any Android Phone Without Computer

Well, let’s admit it folks at some time we all wanted a phone that weighs less on the wallet but has an open window for us to explore all there is to even on a cheap android phone. With all those delayed software updates that are handed on to us by the smartphones manufactures is not only seriously tiring but absolutely exhausting especially for those who don’t really have the means to update their phone (and that means buying another upgraded model and ditching their previously pre-love one). While there is another way to widen the horizon of your present android phone which is known as Rooting. Many people aren’t in the favors due to the complex steps and with the unavailability of owning computers (to some) which not only lacks the USB driver onto it but also accessing ADB files that put a lot of hassle into it. Here, in this guide, we are sharing some easy methods on How To Root Android Phone Without PC or Laptop.

Although what you have just read above may seem like skimming through a jungle full of obstacles, I kid you not (although many portray that it is) but the chances of successfully rooting your android phone to expand the usage of your phone comes with a hefty risk i.e. 1) Your warranty will go void once you have touched the untouched 2). Your phone may brick and you’d end up running to the repair shop paying a handsome amount of money because you thought you were an absolute pro to all of this.

Since rooting maybe just another bad experience you may want to stay away from as it can only be performed by someone who knows what they are doing and nothing else. There are different ways to access those hidden features of your android phone and root altogether by not interfering in those areas where you just might want to stay out of especially if you are just a beginner. The market now offers various apps as well for you to enjoy your phone and run it smoothly without any lag and yes you may want to thank us later on this.

How To Root Android Phone Without PC

We have given various method to gain root access to your Android phone.

Method 1: Universal Androot

Universal Androot

The first very option at your service is Universal Androot that will guide you without the need of having any kind of laptop and computer by your side while you root. This rooting procedure is a temporary fix and is suggested to those who definitely may want to hold onto this option if they aren’t so sure about the whole rooting concept and want to just add in an app that isn’t being installed or want to dive into some system files that aren’t permissible. To add a temporary solution to your permanent wish all you must do is download this option, choose the OS version. Once you have selected, click on the Go root button that will be available and there you have your smartphone being rebooted and rooted altogether.

Method 2: iRoot


Another well-known medium to root your android phone without the use of any kind of computer or laptop is iRoot. It is considered to be by far the easiest mode of rooting your android phone with the help of one click only. This means no more tugs and pulls on which button to access while rooting your android phone. The interface built for the rooting process on this medium is considerably easy that even a kid may easily root his/her phone without any extra paying damages to the android phone. Download away the iRoot app and with the installation, all you have to do is just accept the root option and everything will be served for you on a silver platter. Talk about being fed by a silver spoon, now you knew how easy things have been devised for your ease and comfort.

Method 3: Farmaroot

Download Framaroot

The next method that is in store for you is a specific app that was developed by the help of some developers on the XDA forums that tended the needs and were only accessible to the members of the XDA community only. So if you are an active member over there and have wanted to get your android phone root the safest procedure to make your Android run twice as faster than its existing speed is by Farmaroot app. This app is a one-click rooting app that can be easily be placed on your cell phone and let it have the freedom it always needed. To ensure your Farmaroot is working, all you have to do is enable it by going through the settings and clicking on security where you will be given an unknown option. Click on the unknown sources and there you have just enabled your device to download the restricted file. Once the installation is completed you may go through the app and install the option of the Super user. Once done you are good to go with the rooting procedure.

Method 4: Towel Root

Download TowelRoot

Another surprisingly good way of rooting your android phone is given to us by GeoHot which is named as Towelroot. This was created under the supervision of Geo Hot community which officially started off by taking in midrange Android smartphones (guess that was the testing phase) and then, later on, they thought of adding on many Android smartphones that led them to cover on a larger scale. V5 is known to be the latest update on Towelroot which not only has the additional library of including a larger set of Android phones but also it has all the necessary updates.

The cool part of this medium is that you get to unroot your phone which kind of similar to the Universal Androot which also included soft rooting. To access Towel root you must download the application onto your device. Once installed allow the third party to accept your apk file which may not be accessed in the first place. Open up the Towelroot and click on the option “make it rain”. Instantly your device would be soft rooted and you’ll be able to use your android phone and unlock all of its features.

Let us know in the comments area below that which rooting app you are using to root your phone. We’ll be happy to add more root tools to our list.

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