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How to Replicate Google Dialer’s Floating Bubble on Any Dialer App

Google dialer is the inbuilt dialer app for Pixel and Nexus devices. It is the change of the stock AOSP dialer with new features introduced by Google. The difference between the Pixel and Nexus device clear since the launch of Google pixel devices. The newer version of Google Dialer comes with new and effective new feature works well. It’s not officially activated, but here you can see the code. The developers enabled the floating bubble overlay displays on the screen while calling you can click to open the dialer function and end call, speakerphone, and some more buttons. You can simply copy the Google Dialer’s floating bubble to any Dialer with Auto Tools and Tasker. Why you need the floating dialer bubble and if you in call earphones plugged-in and when you browse the internet on your device. The status bar notification that you need to swipe and get down first. The floating bubble becomes handy as well make the device user controls notification. You can see easier methods to bring the feature working after you install the Google Dialer. Let us first thank the developer of Autotools of popular Tasker plugin João Dias and Mat Zolnierczyk for improving upon João‘ s work.

Google Dialer

Guides to install Tasker and Auto Tools

You don’t need to root the device to get the feature of Google Dialer floating bubble on your device. You want to install the Auto Tools and tasker first on your device.

Install the Tasker Plugin from Google Play Store.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: 3,59 €

Install the AutoTools Plugin from Google Play Store.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free
  • Now, Open the Tasker app and enable it the necessary permissions. It needs many because of the entire functionality it delivers.
  • Click the three-dot menu option locates at the top right corner and click Preferences.
  • Make sure uncheck the beginner mode and click back button. You can see the UI changed slightly and close the app.
  • Launch the AutoTools enable the permission and enter into the Manage web screens and click + icon at the top.Tasker
  • Scroll down or make use of the search to explore the floating bar and click import option.
  • You need to download the zip file and extract contents.
  • Shift the Dialer.prj.xml file named into the Tasker/Projects/ folder in the internal storage. Move the Callui folder into the Tasker/icons/ folder.
  • If there’s no folder located in the Tasker folder try to create manually.

Steps to Replicate Google Dialer floating bubble

  • Open the Tasker app and click home option locate at the bottom left corner.Tasker
  • Choose import and tap Dialer.prj.xml file that you shifted to the Tasker projects folder.
  • It named Dialer in the Tasker.
  • You need to see the fresh dialer icon beside home icon and many profiles enabled.
  • If you click tabs, you can find many Tasks in the Tasks tab and many variables list the VARS tab.
  • You need to enable the Tasker option persistent notification in the tray.

Google dialer

If you call someone or receiving the calls, you can see the blue dialer icon display on the screen you can simply move around. Click it and open to display some of the convenient call controls. You can move anywhere the floating dialer bubble left or right position.

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