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Rectification of HTC One M7

HTC released one of its stylish phone back in 2013, named HTC One M7 but like most of the smartphones, this phone had some weird issues. So, in this article, we’ll be covering some problems and possible solutions which might counter these problems.

Problem 1: No Sound Through Headphones

Some people had this weird issue that they cannot hear any sound when they plug in their headphones or earphones. They plug in as usual but can’t understand anything, although the speaker is working fine.

Rectification of HTC One M7 1


  • First of all, make sure that your headphone or earphones are working fine. To do that, plug in into another device and see if it works.
  •  There might be a chance that going into Settings and turning Beats mode off might make a difference.
  • If nothing is working for you, there might be a chance that the port might be faulty and for that, you have to contact HTC for a repair or replacement maybe if it is still in warranty.

Problem: Random Reboots

So, some users have reported that HTC randomly reboots itself frequently, making it difficult for the users that it already is. It is reported that it simply shut down on itself and restart. Mostly, this kind of problem is mainly caused by the applications you are running so try to notice the last application you ran when the reboot happens.


Making sure that your HTC is up to date. To do this, go to Settings > About > Software Updates and also making sure that your installed Apps are up to date, for this, go to App Store and access the menu, go to My Apps and make sure everything is up to date.

Problem: HTC won’t boot up

Ever experienced that holding the power button and nothing happens? Well, if you are using HTC One you might have faced this problem but not to worry since you are not the only one facing this.


  •  Hold that Power button and Volume up button for 10 seconds. You should probably feel some sort of vibration, and after that, it should start as normal.
  • If you are still running out of luck, try plugging the phone in your charger and wait for about 20 minutes and then again try step 1.
  •  Still no luck? Try plugging your HTC One into a computer or laptop and again follow step 1.

Problem: Camera won’t work

Another issue which was also reported by many people was that the camera refuses to load and just to clarify that there is a solution for this. There might be the different case, but the most reported ones are that you might get a message saying “Unable to start the camera” or maybe it’s just a dull static image, or it occasionally crashes back to home screen, whatever the issue may be, you just need to follow the steps.


  • First of all, go to Settings > Apps > Camera and Force stop it, try cleaning cache and clear data and see if it works.
  • Or you might try going to Settings > Power and turn off the Boost.

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