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Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones

After much anticipation, Realme has finally released its exclusive flashing software, the Realme Flash Tool which can be used to flash firmware on their Realme devices. You can find the download link for the official Realme Flash tool in this article. Furthermore this article also contains a guide for you on how to utilize the tool to flash Stock ROMs (Realme UI OFP Package) on your Realme devices which will help you to unbrick, update or downgrade your software.

Over the past two years, the smartphones developed by the Realme company gained enormous support from the Custom ROM developers. The main reason for this support was the company quickly released kernel codes and also gives permission to unlock it’s devices’ bootloaders. This means that Android enthusiasts can enjoy their phone’s experience to the full by tweaking and customizing their phone’s software as they want. But actions like installing TWRP, Flashing Custom Firmware or Rooting can result in your phone being bricked.

Although the Realme company provides it’s users with official stock firmware files from their portal, using the files to unbrick devices is difficult for the majority of the users. The reason for this is because those files are saved in an OZIP file format and in order to use it with custom recoveries like TWRP, users would have to first properly decrypt the OZIP file and convert the OZIP file in to recovery flashable ZIP file.

This would mean that without a flash tool, users had to go to customer service centers just to unlock their phones and restore their device to stock firmware. But those days are over now. Now with the help of the Realme Flash Tool,  users can flash the stock Realme UI firmware to their devices with no difficulty.

What is the Realme Flash Tool?

Realme Flash Tool

The Realme Flash Tool is a Windows based software that allows users to flash stock firmware ( Realme UI OFP Package) on their Realme devices. Recently, the tool was officially released by Realme so that users can make use of it to install updates, downgrade their software or to unbrick/repair their software in case their phone has been bricked. The flashing tool only supports the flashing of the Realme UI OFP Package over the fastboot interface. Its GUI is very similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Flash Tool.


This tool proves very useful to a Xiaomi user. It has multiple uses, we have listed some of the common uses below:

  • Force-Upgrade Software: The Flash tool can be used to force install software updates which can be done by flashing the Realme UI OFP Package of the latest software version
  • Restore Stock Firmware: The Realme Flash tool can also be used to reverse any software modifications that you did on your Realme device by restoring your device to stock firmware. The modification could be anything ranging from TWRP and custom ROMs to rooting etc.
  • Unbrick: You can use this tool to unbrick your Realme device in case its software has been bricked due to incorrect flashing. This is possible by flashing stock firmware back on your device.
  • Fix software issues: Common software issues like bootloop, high battery consumption and low performance can be fixed by flashing stock firmware using the Realme Flash tool.
  • Downgrading software (Realme UI version): Using this tool, you can also downgrade your phone to an older version of the Realme UI/ Color OS. But remember that downgrading from a newer Android version is not possible with the help of this tool.

Important Points to Note:

Before you start implementing the steps mentioned, it would be wise to take note of some important pointers regarding the Realme Flash tool:

  • Realme UI OFP packages that can be flashed using this tool are currently only available for Realme X, X2, X2 Pro, and X50 Pro
  • Your phone’s bootloader needs to be unlocked to use this flash tool
  • As this tool is an official tool, using it to flash stock firmware will in no way effect your phone’s warranty
  • Using the Realme Flash tool to flash firmware will result in all of your phone’s data being erased. So it would be wise to take a backup of all your important files in your phone before starting the flashing procedure
  • If your phone has been hardbricked and can not boot into fastboot mode, this tool can not be used to unbrick it. This is because the phone does not support Emergency Download Mode (EDL).

Supported Devices

Below mentioned is a list of the Realme devices that are supported by the Realme Flash tool:

  • Realme X
  • Realme X2
  • Realme X2 Pro
  • Realme X50 Pro

But do keep in mind that more devices will be supported by this tool, just as the company has mentioned.

Download Realme Flash Tool

Below are provided the official download links for the Realme Flash tool. These links are sourced officially by the Realme community:

This tool is a portable program. This means that it does not need any installation. You can just download and run it on any Windows computer.

How to Use Realme Flash Tool to flash Stock Firmware?

The flashing process for Stock Firmware(Realme UI OFP Package) on Realme devices using this tool is very simple. Below mentioned, is the step by step procedure for the flashing process:

Step 1: Unlock your Phone’s Bootloader

The Realme Flash Tool flashes firmware in the Fastboot mode. Because of this, it requires your phone’s bootloader to be unlocked. You may go on to the next step if you have already unlocked your phone’s bootloader. If not, you may follow the guide given. Also note that, unlocking the bootloader will also erase your phone’s data. So take a backup before hand.

Step 2: Boot the phone into Fastboot Mode and Connect it to your PC

After your phone’s bootloader is unlocked, you can implement the second step, where you have to boot your Realme device into the Fastboot mode. You can do this by first powering off your phone and then pressing the Power key and the Volume up key at the same time. Once your phone has booted into the fastboot mode, connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 1

Step 3: Download Realme Flash Tool on your PC & Launch it

After that, you need to download the latest version of the Realme Flash tool from the link given above and then extract the download file. Just as mentioned above, the tool is a portable program and will not require any installation. After that, you need to open the extracted folder and then click twice on the “realme flash.exe” executable file. This will launch the Realme Flash Tool on your computer.

Step 4: Install the USB Drivers (If required)

When the flash tool is opened, click on the “Loading device” button in there. This will make your computer automatically recognize your Realme device connected to it over the fastboot interface and will display its unique ID under the device column.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 2

Sometimes, the Flash tool may not recognize your realme device connected to it and may give the “Device not recognized, please check your phone!” error message. This happens when USB drivers are not installed or are not working properly. Then you will have to install USB drivers for your phone yourself. Once you have downloaded the drivers on your PC, you will have to install them. You can do it by clicking on the “Driver” tab in the Realme Flash Tool and clicking on “Install”. Once the driver installation finishes, reboot your PC and try again.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 3

Step 5: Download Realme UI OFP Package for your Phone

After implementing the above steps, your device is fully ready for flashing files. Now you have to download the Stock firmware( Realme UI OFP package) for your phone from the links provided to you below. As mentioned above, the Realme company has currently only released OFP packages for Realme X, X2, Realme X2 Pro, and Realme X50 Pro. But do not worry, Realme has stated that “we will release for more Realme smartphones in the future”. Until then, users of the above mentioned device can use the links provided to flash stock firmware on their devices.

  • Realme X
    • RMX1901EX_11_C.01: RMX1901EX_11_C.01.ofp
    • RMX1901EX_11_C.02: RMX1901EX_11_C.02.ofp
    • RMX1901EX_11_C.03: RMX1901EX_11_C.03.ofp
  • Realme X2
    • RMX1992EX_11.C.05: 19671_RMX1992EX_C.05.ofp
    • RMX1992EX_11.C.06: 19671_RMX1992EX_C.06.ofp
    • RMX1992EX_11.C.07: 19671_RMX1992EX_C.07.ofp
    • RMX1992EX_11.C.08: 19671_RMX1992EX_C.08.ofp
    • RMX1992EX_11.C.09: 19671_RMX1992EX_C.09.ofp
    • RMX1992AEX_11.C.05: 19671_RMX1992AEX_C.05.ofp
    • RMX1992AEX_11.C.06: 19671_RMX1992AEX_C.06.ofp
    • RMX1992AEX_11.C.07: 19671_RMX1992AEX_C.07.ofp
    • RMX1992AEX_11.C.08: 19671_RMX1992AEX_C.08.ofp
    • RMX1992AEX_11.C.09: 19671_RMX1992AEX_C.09.ofp
  • Realme X2 Pro
    • RMX1931EX_C.23: RMX1931EX_C.23.ofp
    • RMX1931EX_C.26: RMX1931EX_C.26.ofp
    • RMX1931EX_C.27: RMX1931EX_C.27.ofp
  • Realme X50 Pro
    • RMX2076PU_11_A.15: RMX2076PU_11_A.15.ofp
    • RMX2076PU_11_A.17: RMX2076PU_11_A.17.ofp
    • RMX2076PU_11_A.19: RMX2076PU_11_A.19.ofp

Step 6: Flash the OFP Package using Realme Flash Tool

Now you are ready to flash the Stock ROM (OFP Package) on your device using the Realme Flash tool. In order to this, first click on the “Browse” button on the program’s GUI and from there choose the Stock firmware file that you downloaded on your computer from the links provided above.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 4

As soon as the file has been properly loaded into the tool, click on the “Flash” button to start the flashing process. The tool will ask you to confirm the flashing, click on “Confirm” to start the flashing the stock firmware on your Realme device.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 5

Now you need to be patient as the flashing process could take up to a minute or two to complete depending on the size of the stock firmware file. You can see the progress of the flashing under the “Schedule” column. You will know that the flashing process has been completed when you see the “Flashing Completed” message show up on your screen. After that, your Realme device will automatically reboot into the firmware that you just installed.

Download Realme Flash Tool | How to Use it to Flash Stock Firmware (OFP Package) on Realme Smartphones 6

And that is it! We hope that you found this article helpful. Do share your thoughts and comments below.

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