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Download PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android | Attack of the Titans

In this guide we will show you how to download and install PUBG Mobile 1.4 Attack of the titans for Android. The latest version of the famous online multiplayer battle royale game is available for Android and now you can grab it from this post here.

With the newest update, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with with Godzilla vs Kong to give the players a new experience and a new challenge while exploring the battle grounds.

If you do not know what the PUBG Mobile 1.4 version brings, you will be happy to know that it brings some new game modes which features titans, i.e. Godzilla and Kong that roam around the maps and much more.

Along with the addition of the new Titan strikes game mode, PUBG Mobile 1.4 version also brings in a lot of other exciting changes and updates as well.

The season 19 Royal pass comes with a lot of new rewards for players and attractive skins and outfits. New additions include adjustments and changes to weapons, new Metro Royale updates, new map for Arena and a new Over The Shoulder (OTS) aim for players so they can get better accuracy.

The PUBG Mobile 1.4 version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store but if for some reason you can not do so, then follow our guide to grab the PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK

PUBG Mobile 1.4 | New Features

The list below contains the new features introduced by PUBG Mobile in the latest version, 1.4:

  • New weapons in Cheer park
  • Titanic Dynamic duo
  • New game modes, including Titan Strikes
  • Microcosm: You can explore the battlefields like never before, by becoming small
  • A new TDM, assault
  • A new map for Arena, Hangar
  • OTS Aim – Makes your aim stable and makes it easier to take down the enemy
  • Season 19 Royale Pass | Traverse—Fantastic Adventures of the Little Guys

Download PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK

Now that you have a little idea of what the newest version of PUBG Mobile has in store for you, you can get head forward to the download of PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android. Download and install the PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK from the link given below.

You need to have around 1 GB of free space to download the APK, but for the complete installation, it is required that you have at 3GB of space so the in-game downloads can be completed.

So if it is your first time downloading an APK file, then don’t worry as we have got the installation steps for you below.

DOWNLOAD: PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android

If you download and login to the latest version as soon as possible, you may get a some rewards which include:

  • 2888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Banana Bonanza skin, time limited (3 d) *1

Download PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android | Attack of the Titans 1

How to Install PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK on Android

The installation for the APK for PUBG Mobile is simple and no more complicated than installing any other APK. Just follow the steps given below to install PUBG Mobile version 1.4 on your device and play it:

  • First up, you have to grab the PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK from the link above.
  • Then open the APK file to install the game. You will find the file in your downloads.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the “Install from unknown sources” option in your phone’s settings.
  • Now tap on the button that says Install and wait while the game installs.
  • Once the game is installed, start it up and once the in-game downloads are completed, you can enjoy the latest version of PUBG Mobile on your Android device!

So that was it from our side on how to download and install PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK for Android. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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