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Protecting Your Android Device

Your Android device is something that you use more than anything in a day and carries your most personal data.You come across news of ransomware attacks data leaks and privacy breaches every other day now, so it’s not surprising if you’re wondering how secure your Android device is. Well if you’re willing to take some steps you can tighten up the security of your Android smartphone.Well, today lets see how you can secure your Android device against malware or ransomware while securing your data and privacy.

1.Using a PIN/Password

Using a PIN/Password is one of the most basic forms of protection of your android device. If anyone takes your phone without your permission, a PIN/Password can protect you from unwanted usage as this level of security cannot be bypassed by a normal user. Tap Settings > Security > Screen lock and have them create a PIN

2. Using a Guest Account

If you have to hand over your phone to a friend or an acquaintance for a call or some miscellaneous purpose, the easiest way of protection is switching it over to a guest account, which can be found in the rightmost corner of your expanded notification panel. This hides all your private data, apps, images etc and will seem like you are handing them a completely new phone.Protecting Your Android Device 1

3. Activate Device Manager

Even if you have used the security features mentioned above, what happens if your phone gets stolen. To prevent your data from being misused activate the device manager on your phone as soon as you buy it. What this does is, it can track the location of your phone and also wipe your phone completely if necessary. To activate this, Tap Settings > Google > Security, the toggle on these two settings: Remotely locate this device, and Allow remote lock and erase.

4. Google Play Protect

Protecting Your Android Device 2

Google themselves provide a protection service, which most of us are unaware of. They rolled out a security feature called Google Play Protect, for devices having Google Play services 11. and above, which scans for malicious apps and security threats. To improve protection further, enable improve harmful app detection feature which scans for threats by 3rd party apps. To activate this, Tap Settings > Google > Security> Google Play Protect and activate desired features.

5. Encryption

You do carry important data on your phone, be it personal photos or stuff from work. Even if your device is locked or password protected there are certain tools with which we can easily access your data if not careful. The best way to protect against this type of attacks is Encryption. Google devices and other high-end devices are already encrypted but are not so for other devices. This might slow down your phone a little bit, but it is worth the data being saved. To turn this feature on tap on Settings > Security > Encryption.

6. Safe Browsing

Protecting Your Android Device 3Do not venture into untrusted sites and download files from unknown sources, but how to verify that from a huge number of sites. Don’t worry google chrome has a feature called safe browsing which gives you a heads-up before you expose your android phone to a dangerous site.To turn on Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature, just fire up the browser, tap the three-dot menu button in the top corner of the screen, tap Settings > Privacy, then make sure the “Safe Browsing” setting is checked.

7. Android Updates

Make sure your Android device is updated to the latest version, because Android sends out their latest security patches and fixes, over those updates. With new malware and ransomware popping up every now and then, it would be best to keep your phone updated and protected against all that. To check for latest updates Tap on Settings> About Phone> System Update.

8. Common Sense

The most important of them all!! Use common sense while using your device. Don’t click on seemingly dangerous links, emails that appear suspicious and don’t install 3rd party apps which are not from trusted sources. These links with malicious intent can end up compromising your data your privacy, so beware.

Protecting Your Android Device 4

From prying eyes to thieving hands, make sure you stay safe and venture freely through the world of internet without being robbed or spammed.Make sure you keep in mind all of the above, while using your device the next time. Better safe than sorry. Stay Sensible, Stay Safe.

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