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PlayStation 5: News, Rumors, Leaks, and Everything We Know About PS5

Sony has recently confirmed that PS5 is in the pipeline. A report in Financial Times states that the fundamental architecture would be the same as of PS4 and would not be much different from PS4. This certainly means that Sony Is not going for streaming-only platform although the future is all about streaming-only since the world is increasingly becoming streaming-friendly due to fast and improved internet connections. It has also been reported that PlayStation has collaborated with Microsoft to work further on cloud gaming.

Looking at the design we see a resemblance with Roman Numeral for 5 but we might see a different design that would be delivered to the customer. Although a lot of things are still unknown to the public but as far as the information provided we can say that CPU will be based on AMD Ryzen 8-core, GPU will be Custom Radeon Navi. Storage will be SSD type but we are still unaware of the capacity of storage and memory. One of the most exciting things that we have come up to know is that it would be supporting 8K resolution. It will be also having PSVR support.


Moving on to another exciting part is that, according to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan PS5 will be Backward Compatible. According to tp the officials, we might see a cross-generational play which means they can continue playing the same game on PS4 from where they left off in PS5. However, it’s still unclear that players can access their digital library of PS4 on PS5. According to a patent we might also see a cross-generational play with PS3 and PS2 too.

Along with this PS5 is also working in Virtually Part. Yes, but that does mean you should be expecting a new VR headset but they are working it to make it lighter, easier to put on and will be having fewer cables. They want to bring a completely wireless headset but that would be very expensive and the thing that would not be suitable for the market at the moment.

Overall this the maximum we know about PS5 and people cant certainly wait for it to be introduced.

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