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OxygenOS C.60 Update For OnePlus 9 Series | Updated Changelog

In this short guide, we will be talking about the OxygenOS C.60 Update for OnePlus 9 series. The OxygenOS C.60 update occupies around 1.5GB update of storage. Initially, OnePlus mentioned that the update will be bringing changes to improve the floating window feature.

Also, it was mentioned that the update will introduce end-to-end frame stabilizer and other gaming improvements which include reduced game loading time and lesser power consumption. However, there had been a mix up and OnePlus later that the update would not be bringing in aforementioned changes.

Apart from that, the update also does not bring the May 2022 security patch for devices.

OxygenOS C.60 update for OnePlus 9 series

OxygenOS C.60 Update for OnePlus 9 | Changelog

As we mentioned, there had been a mix up in the changelog that was initially released by OnePlus for the OxygenOS C.60 update for OnePlus 9 series. The initial changelog that was released is provided below:

  • convenience & efficiency
    • You can now open up to 3 apps in floating windows at the same time in Split screen mode and switch between Floating window and Split screen modes
    • You can now use the Clock app in Quick Return
  • Connectivity
    • You can now open up to 3 phone windows on your PC
  • Games
    • Adds the HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer
    • Heterogenous graphics: Reduces gaming loads and power consumption (only for some games)

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But later, OnePlus published a post where they mentioned that the OxygenOS C.60 update for OnePlus 9 series does not include improvements and adjustments for multitasking and gaming improvements.

The post goes as, “During the initial rollout of this update, the wrong changelog was presented to users. Once we realized the mix-up, we halted the update to correct the information. We apologize for the inconvenience.” The new changelog is as follows:

  • System
    • [Improved] system stability

Download OxygenOS C.60 for the OnePlus 9 series

Just like any other software update, the OxygenOS C.60 update for OnePlus 9 series is being rolled out in phases. Users around the world will be receiving the update gradually. You can check whether your device has received the update or not by going to the Software update section in the Settings application on your device.

If you have not received the update yet and want to install it now on your device, you can also download the firmware from the links provided below and install the update on your device manually.

As of now, only the download links for the Indian variants of the devices of OnePlus 9 series are available. The download links are provided below:

So that was it from our side on OxygenOS C.60 update for OnePlus 9 series. We hope that you found that this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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