Optimizing Android Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify

We’re using our smartphones for literally everything, from simple calls and text messages to sending e-mails, from setting reminders for events to scrolling our newsfeed on Facebook, Instagram, and the list goes on. With so many apps downloaded and used on our phone, our phones tend to get slower. Each of these apps drains our phone’s battery life.

Presenting to your rescue is this battery saving app called Greenify. It is particularly useful for apps that continue draining your battery running in the background even when they aren’t being used. This app basically pushes apps into a ‘hibernation mode’ that prevents them from running in the background and draining the battery.

Optimizing Android Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify 1

It allows the user to choose the apps which he wishes to hibernate by using the built-in ‘Force Stop’ mechanism of android that stops the app from running. And the app does not start unless we ourselves start it.

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There are two ways of setting up the app on your phone; with and without a rooted phone. There is a little difference in the working of the two.

Optimizing Android Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify

Here we shall guide you step by step how to use it on a non-rooted phone.

  1. Download this app for free from Play store through the following link.
    Developer: Oasis Feng
    Price: Free
  2. You will see a welcome screen with a bit of an explanation of what the app does; that is basically putting the misbehaving apps into hibernation. Read it and click Next.
  3. The app will then ask you the working mode of your device; rooted or non-rooted. Select non-rooted (since this article guides you on the non-rooted procedure) and click.
  4. If your device has a fingerprint reader, then you’ll be asked if you use this Smart lock. Tick the checkbox if you do and select Next.
  5. You’ll then be presented a list of pre-requisites that need to be done. The first thing it asks you is to disable the ‘Power button instantly locks’ setting in the Security settings o your phone. Click on the Verify button written right next to the pre-requisite. That will direct to the Security Settings of your phone.
  6. The next pre-requisite it asks for is a delayed auto-lock. Click on the Verify button right next to it and you’ll again be directed to the Security settings. Set the ‘Automatically lock’ setting to at least 5 seconds.
  7. The next pre-requisite is the ‘Accessibility Service’. You can enable or disable the accessibility service of the app here. A window will appear telling you what this service does. Enable it by clicking OK.
  8. You’ll then see a brief explanation of the experience you will have during hibernation. Read it and click Next.
  9. Now the last thing. The app will ask you to grant it permission to see the running state of other apps. Click on the ‘Grant Permission’ button, then click Next.
  10. Now enable the Permit Usage Access for this app by toggling the button to right. By doing this you are allowing Greenify to track what apps you are using, how often you are using them, and similar details.
  11. Tap Finish and you are good to go!

Now you can start greenifying your apps. Open Greenify and click on the plus button on the bottom right, this will show you the app analyzer. This will show you the apps that are currently running on your device.

For some apps, you will see a cloud-like icon right next to them. This means that these apps use Google Cloud Messaging for giving notifications. And if you hibernate any of these apps, then you won’t get notifications. Do not hibernate those apps for which you are depending on notifications. Once you have selected the apps, click on the ‘Zzz’ button to hibernate. And you are all done.

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