Download OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers

This guide is for all those OnePlus 8 Pro users who want to transfer files from their phones to PC. This easy guide will help you to connect your phone to the PC.

Download OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers: The OnePlus smartphone company is famous for its mid-range smartphones. They manufacture phones with exceptional features at a reasonable price. But their most recent flagship, the OnePlus 8 series, has taken the market by storm. The mobile instantly became a competition in the mobile phone market and is expensive as the real flagships.

Their recent series features some striking hardware specifications and other characteristics, especially the OnePlus 8 Pro. The OnePlus 8 features a fluid AMOLED 6.55″ display while the OnePlus 8 Pro sports a massive 6.78″ display. The phones have a 48 MP camera, with their Random Access Memory (RAM) starting from 8 GB to 12 GB and they feature Storage specs from 128 GB to 256 GB.

With such a colossal memory, users would obviously be looking forward to exploiting the phone’s storage capacity to its extent by storing a lot of data on their phones. Now this, ultimately leads to the arousing of the need to transfer data from their phones to the computers. For this, you need to ensure that an appropriate USB driver for the OnePlus 8 series is installed and configured on your PC.

This article contains guides for you regarding the installation of OnePlus 8 Pro USB drivers. All Android manufactures have their own compatible drivers for their phones. Each manufacturer requires the appropriate USB drivers for its phone to be installed on the PC for any transmission to take place between the phone and the user’s PC. But no need to worry if you do not have the USB driver for your OnePlus 8 Pro. In this article, we will guide you regarding how to install and configure USB drivers for the OnePlus 8 pro on your PC.

One Plus 8 Pro USB Drivers


Download OnePlus 8 Pro USB drivers

An integral part of getting a new phone is to have appropriate USB drivers for the phone available on your computer, in order for your phone and your computer to communicate with each other. USB drivers for Android phones is an essential factor in transferring files from your phone to your PC. Compatible drivers help to make certain that the files on your phone, whether they are pictures, videos, music or documents, are safely and efficiently transferred to your computer. In the below headings, we have mentioned the way users can download appropriate USB drivers for the OnePlus 8 pro for Windows as well as Macs.

 OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers for Windows

Here are listed the latest OnePlus 8 series USB drivers for Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7:

OnePlus 8 = USB driver for OnePlus 8 can be downloaded from here.

OnePlus 8 Pro = USB driver for OnePlus 8 pro can be downloaded from here.

WARNING: These USB drivers for the OnePlus 8 series can only be used for Windows PC. Using these drivers to configure your Mac or Linux systems can result in damage to your device.

How to Connect OnePlus 8 Pro to Windows PC

We have listed some easy steps for you to follow in order to connect your phone to your computer so that you can transfer content from your phone to your computer:

Step # 1: First you have to download the OnePlus 8 Pro USB drivers for your phone on your Windows PC using the link given above and install it on your PC. You will not see any new icons or newly downloaded files on your desktops and programs list.

Step # 2: Next, you have to connect your OnePlus 8 phone to your PC using a Type-C USB cable.

Step # 3: Now, it is time to be patient and wait while your PC sets up the appropriate USB drivers and the essential files.

Step # 4: You will now notice that various files are being installed on your PC. The download does not start earlier because the USB driver file you have downloaded from the above link is an executable file (.exe) and contains the appropriate USB drivers within it. The files need to be executed and this is done when your phone connects to the PC. As soon as the download is completed, go to My Computer / This PC to find your phone.

Step # 5: Double click on your phone and now you are ready to transfer any files from your phone to your PC.

Download OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers for Mac

Your Mac requires a different method to connect to your OnePlus 8 Pro. In order to connect any Android phone to your Mac, Google and Android manufacturers have created the Android File Transfer. On this Instrument, the OnePlus 8 Pro is totally compatible with the transfer of files between itself and the macOS Mojave, the macOS Catalina, and the macOS High Sierra. The Android File Transfer tool can be downloaded from here. This tool is very simple to use. It allows you to manage files and folders on your OnePlus 8 Pro and drag and drop files between both the connected devices.

Download OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers 1

Using the Android File Transfer to transfer files from your phone to Mac is a piece of cake. Nevertheless, we have created a list of steps to make it even simpler for you:

Step # 1: As mentioned above, first you need to download the Android File Transfer on your Mac and install it.

Step # 2: Then you need to connect your phone to your Mac using a Type-C USB cable. You should prefer using the original data cable that came with your phone, in order to avoid compatibility issues and carry out data transmission at the highest rate possible.

Step # 3: Now wait until your Mac recognizes the phone connected to it. You would have to remain patient as the Mac takes some time to recognize a device connected to it for the first time.

Step # 4: Next, your phone will ask for your permission to let it connect itself to the Mac. If you want to continue, you are required to press Allow.

Step # 5: After completing, the above-mentioned steps, the Android File Transfer window will automatically pop up with your phone connected to it.

OnePlus 8 Pro ADB / Fastboot Drivers

OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers

If you are a developer who wants to develop and install different custom recoveries or if you want to try other modifications and custom ROMs on your phone, you are required to use Fastboot drivers. Using these tools, you can connect to your computer as it gives your computer access to your phone’s system. This way, you can download and install different custom ROMs and Mods on your phone from your PC. Android SDK is required to install Fastboot and ADB Tools on your PC

How to Enable Files Transfer Mode on OnePlus 8 Pro

Before beginning any file transfer between your phone and your Windows PC or Mac, you always have to enable the File transfer Mode on your mobile phone, or the file transfer would simply not take place. This is because the option is disabled by default on your phone. Once again, no need to sweat over it because we have got this covered as well.

Step # 1: Connect your OnePlus 8 Pro to your Windows PC or Mac using a Type-C USB cable.

Step # 2: By default, your phone is set to be on ‘charge only’ mode once it connects to your computer. So to enable the Transfer Files option, you need to access your phone’s settings.

Step # 3: Go to “System” > “Bluetooth & device communication” > Click on “File Transfer”

Step # 4: Finally, you need to select and enable this option, to begin with transferring files over your phone to your PC.

These were the complete steps to download and install OnePlus 8 Pro USB Drivers on PC. Now you no longer need to stress over connecting your OnePlus 8 Pro to your computer, because following the mentioned steps, you are more than just prepared to transfer files from your phone to your PC and from your PC to your Phone.

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