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New One UI 3.0 beta for Galaxy S20 brings these Fixes | KSU1ZTK7

In this guide, we will tell you about Samsung’s One UI 3.0 beta program. Samsung is rolling out a new One UI 3.0 beta firmware for its latest flagship lineup, the S20 series, with the build code KSU1ZTK7. The latest version of the One UI 3.0 is being pushed out to all of the beta users as an OTA update. With this beta release, a lot of problems are being fixed along with a lot of improvements over the previous version. All of these things make this beta release the most stable version of the One UI 3.0 beta till now.

The main purpose of a beta program is to test out a big software update before rolling it out to the larger public. Similarly, the One UI 3.0 beta program is another example of Samsung’s hard work and dedication towards perfecting its proprietary One UI 3.0 skin, based on Android 11, and making it flawless. This beta version being rolled outcomes with a lot of fixes for the problems encountered with the previous version, all of which have been listed ahead.

Beta releases vary from region to region. This beta build is the fifth release in Germany, third in the United Kingdom, and fourth in South Korea. Keeping aside the variations, all of the updates and improvements that come with these newer versions are the same in all of the regions. Furthermore, if you still have not got the One UI 3.0 beta installed on your phone, you can try out this build because it is stable enough for daily use. Moreover, you can also switch back to the official firmware if you want.

One UI 3 beta program

Latest One UI 3.0 Beta release | Bug fixes

This latest beta release is compatible with every device in the Galaxy S20 series. This version has a lot of fixes and improvements, most of which revolve around the problems reported by users.

Here are is the complete ZTK7 One UI 3.0 beta change-log:

  • Fixed: Interlocutors can’t be heard by the recipient during voice and video calls.
  • Fixed: When scrolling down the notification bar, the background is not blurred.
  • Fixed: While performing “Capture > Edit” right after DeX has been connected, top and bottom areas are cut.
  • Fixed: While trying to unlock the device using biometrics, it fails, the lock screen is locked and the lock button does not work after that.
  • Fixed: When opening the “Customize My Files home” menu an error occurs.
  • Fixed: When trying to use Youtube music, Safe Mode turns on, the device becomes sluggish, and reboots.
  • One UI Home has been updated.
  • Samsung Internet has been updated.
  • Other minor errors have been fixed.

New One UI 3.0 beta for Galaxy S20 brings these Fixes | KSU1ZTK7 1

If you are already using a beta version on your Galaxy device, you can check for the newer version of your device’s settings. If you want to try out this new beta version, you can do so by signing up for Samsung’s One UI 3.0 beta program. 

So that was all from our side. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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