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Get New Colors and Styles for Samsung’s Always On Display

The Galaxy S8 owns a list of the interesting number of features regarding customization. Samsung’s latest Oreo Beta Updates has brought it. To the lock screen some latest and New color options for the clock and transparent notifications. Some new style and color clocks are there to be Always On Display. It is true that this is not something we have not seen before because many other handsets also have such feature. But what makes this Always On Display on Galaxy S8 different is that it has low power consumption. It hardly consumes battery and is thus worthy to try. This awesome functionality can be customized to your will. It is classical Samsung’s fashion!

Always On Display

It enables you to check time and date easily. It also makes it easy for you not to miss any missed call or message alert even in the case when your phone is not in use or is in standby mode. Now you can check all the information in one quick glance and can differentiate your phone’s appearance from the rest. What is most pressing, is that it saves your phone’s power and whenever its level reaches down to 5%, the AOD automatically switches off. Also, the brightness of the information being displayed on AOD is automatically adjusted. According to your surroundings light, this brightness is automatically fine-tuned.

At the launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung has developed a number of the stylish clocks for the Always On Display at the start of this year. You are provided with the options to choose even more with the S8 Oreo Beta.

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Below are a few of its great characteristics we just pointed for you out.

If you like the custom style, go to settings, then select lock screen and security, before this just ensure that you have enabled the Always On Display Toggle. Now, press the Clock And Face Widgets located just below the AOD Toggle. Select a Clock Style from the menu and now you are done, you can create your personalized look.

Get New Colors and Styles for Samsung's Always On Display 1


Apart from the styles, you can change the color of clock too. These color options are very impressive and catchy to the eyes. If you want to change them, you can select a color of your choice from the many multicolor palettes being located at the top of the most traditional and solid color choices.

For the clock of your choice, you can set it individually with a unique custom color combination that is different of all.

Get New Colors and Styles for Samsung's Always On Display 2


On Always On Display Menu, you can set different custom themes that can be downloaded from the Samsung Theme Store. The Theme Store link is within the overflow menu in Nougat. Oreo mentions the custom Always On Display as a separate option. This makes setting a custom theme feasible for the users.

Now when you click on the custom icon in the Theme Store, you are allowed to download the available themes. If you download a custom Always On Display theme, it is now available on the list of options. Thus, making it easy for you to choose one for your phone.

Get New Colors and Styles for Samsung's Always On Display 3

In Android 8.0 for the Galaxy S8, there are a number of customization options coming forward to be used. It is in accordance with the choice of every single user. Also, we are expecting one of the stable versions that most and most people can use and enjoy as new launches.

What feature of AOD did you like? Inform us in the comments below!

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