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Meatspace Vs Cyberspace?

meatspace vs cyberspace

You might be partially aware of the terms above. Cyberspace sounds familiar yeah right… But are you confused with the use of the term meatspace in a tech based blog, well let’s get the grip of each terms individually.

The term meat space doesn’t actually refer to the meat section in the grocery store NO… Meatspace mean real life, physical in person meet ups and personal events happening outside, the virtual world. The relation of meatspace is refer to man who is made of flesh and bones…

Well not getting any more dramatic the term simply refers to the offline life, in which you attend regular events, social gatherings or restaurant hangouts etc.

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Cyberspace, in contrast to meatspace is the virtual world of computers that we interact in. The place where online life, or activities takes place.


What’s the Connection between Meatspace and Cyberspace?

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone, most of the communication we have with real people, friends and family is carried out through internet or online, like access to video calling, texts and social media has increased excessively.

Separating these two worlds meatspace and cyberspace as two distinctive domains is extremely difficult in this age of technology.

Our dependence on computers and smartphones i.e. cyberspace has increased drastically in physical aspect of our day to day lives. From e-commerce businesses to food delivery.

From grocery list to detailed maps for navigation while driving; thus everything is accessible in the palm of our hand, through the use of technology.

Thus we can truly say that we live in the meatspace yet surrounded but cyberspace in such a way that our everyday life is incomplete without the virtual world of technology.

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