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May 2022 Security Patch For Samsung Galaxy Devices

In this guide we will be talking about the May 2022 security patch for Samsung Galaxy devices. The Korean tech giant Samsung has always delivered timely updates for it’s devices.

After the introduction of One UI, Samsung had guaranteed three years of major OS upgrades and five years of security patch updates. They have kept their word for sure and the company is providing regular monthly updates for their security patches for the eligible Samsung Galaxy devices.

May 2022 security patch for Samsung Galaxy Devices

May 2022 Security Patch for Samsung Galaxy Devices

Samsung started to roll out the May 2022 Security patch for Samsung Galaxy devices beginning with their flagship series, the Galaxy S22 series.

The update will be bringing in minor bug fixes, better stability and improvements to device performance. Below mentioned is the list of devices that have received the May 2022 security patch update for Samsung Galaxy devices:

Samsung S series

  1. Galaxy S22
  2. Galaxy S22+
  3. Galaxy S22 Ultra
  4. Galaxy S21
  5. Galaxy S21+
  6. Galaxy S21 Ultra
  7. Galaxy S20
  8. Galaxy S20+
  9. Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  2. Galaxy Tab S8+
  3. Galaxy Tab S8

Galaxy M series

  1. Galaxy M33

Galaxy Note Series

  1. Galaxy Note 20
  2. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Z Series

  1. Galaxy Z Fold 3
  2. Galaxy z Flip 3

Galaxy Watch

  1. Galaxy Watch 4

So that was it from our side regarding the May 2022 security patch for Samsung Galaxy devices. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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