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Download Magisk Canary to Root Android 11

The newest version of Magisk Canary for Android 11 is released now. It’s the first version with support root on Android 11. Well-known system-less root solution Magisk, developed by topjohnwu, recently had updates to support root on all-new Android R. Regardless of the fact that Google still develops the upgrade and has yet to announce a stable or even Beta built; Magisk Canary is able to successfully root Android 11. If you have a Pixel phone that runs Android R, you can easily download Magisk Canary for Android 11 and employ it to obtain root.

With each advanced Android version, it is somewhat challenging for modders like topjohnwu to port over their old versions and make them work with new Android OS. Luckily, this process has passed quite fast for Magisk root as a workable fix has already been out there – with Android 11 still passing its initial time of Developer Preview phase. Moving ahead, downloading a new Android 11 Magisk Canary package is possible, and you can also learn how to root your Google Pixel phone with it.

Download Magisk Canary for Android 11

Magisk Canary for Android 11

Magisk Canary is an individual build channel, dedicated to Android developers and specialists who wish to get their hands on bleeding edge builds irrespective of issues or bugs. Understanding how the foremost aim was to get the Android devices to boot Magisk with Android version 11, there might be glitches, but hey, the key part functions pretty much good!

The latest build is all up and working as a Magisk Manager app, which you can use to patch the boot image of Android 11, and then users can employ it to get root. You can download Magisk Manager Canary from right away for Android R.

Download Magisk Canary APK

Steps: How to Root Android 11 with Magisk Canary

Once Magisk Canary is downloaded, the following are the steps you should take to use it for gaining root on your device. As we mentioned before, glitches are to be expected. For support, present reports say it works with almost all Pixel Android 11 devices. 

Step 1 – You might need to extract the boot image from Android 11 firmware you installed on your Pixel device; however, it may vary from device to device. Copy this image to your device’s storage.

Step 2 – Be sure you have downloaded and installed the Magisk Manager Canary app from the link we provided above. 

Step 3 – Launch Magisk Manager app and then click on Install→ Install→ Select and Patch a File, and choose your stock boot image file

Step 5 – Magisk Manager app will now be able to patch the image you just tipped it and give back the patched image (magisk_patched.img) within the Download folder of your smartphone or any other Android device.

Step 6 – Now, you will need to transfer the patched image from your device to your computer. 

Step 7 – Reboot your Android device to fast boot.

Step 8 – Assign the following commands from cmd or terminal:

NOTE: Make sure to reinstate /path/to/magisk_patched.img with the actual path to the patched image on your PC.

fastboot flash boot /path/to/magisk_patched.img

Step 9 – Reboot your Android device manually, or you can enter the following command: 

fastboot reboot

This should be enough. If you’ve followed all the steps correctly to download and use Magisk Canary for Android 11, you should be able to root Android 11 with Magisk Canary by now. If you run into some problems, you can always reach us through the comments section below. 

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