Magic ToolFlash | Flash ZIP Packages Directly From Your Android Device

In this guide, we will be talking about the Magic ToolFlash. When we talk about installing Magisk Modules, we usually think about flashing it through the Magisk app and rebooting your device, or if we talk about installing flashable ZIP packages, we can do so by using custom recovery like TWRP.

For users who frequently root and customize their device, it is a must for them to be familiar with the command line interface. This comes in handy because users would not go to other third party flashing apps and tools. The Magic ToolFlash is a tool that comes in handy in these situations.

Magic Toolflash

Magic ToolFlash

Developed by senior XDA member huskydg, the Magic ToolFlash is a pretty useful tool for Android developers. It is basically a tool with a command line that works without a custom recovery.

Once you have downloaded a flashable ZIP file, you need to access the tool through a terminal emulator application with root privilege and use it to perform a flashing task.

The Magic ToolFlash improves security by creating a separate isolated namespace. Along with that users also get to see the history of their flashing activity. By using this tool, you can flash multiple Magisk modules, mod zip files on your phone directly from the command line if the Magic ToolFlash tool.

But you should keep in mind that this tool is not capable of installing a ROM from a running Android system.

Further, you should also keep in mind that the/tmp directory is not present on the Android root file system. This means that while using the Magic ToolFlash, you will have to use /dev/temp as the temporary directory after modifying the updater script.

But also note that if the flashable zip you are trying to flash contains hardcoded / sbin command, the tool might not work properly on Android 11 and newer.

From below, you can download the tool for yourself and if there are any developers here, they can also take a look at the tool’s GitHub repository.

Magic ToolFlash: Download || GitHub Repository

So that was it from our side on Magic ToolFlash. We hope that you found this guide helpful, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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