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6 Languages to Learn for Android Development

Android is a smart application framework which allows you to build innovative apps for mobile devices. As technology is evolving day by day, similarly new Android operating systems are also being introduced with time. Android development is an emerging field of technology which is becoming a primary skill in tech development. Smartphones have revolutionized the world, these days every business has an app for it so that more users can be reached. For app building, android development is a necessary skill. It’s great if you have chosen to become an android developer, but there are few things that a newbie should decide before coding!

Building an Android app comes down to two major questions

What languages should you learn for development?
On which IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you should start development?

Here, in this article, we are going to explain the first question and will hope that after reading this article you would be able to choose the right programming language for yourself.


Java is the official language of Android development and is supported by Android Studio.
It is a general-purpose programming language that object-oriented (programming concept) and vast. It is supported by Google and most apps are being made in this language. Java was released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and is used in various programming applications. Its code gets run by a ‘virtual machine’ that displays the output by interpreting the code. For beginners, Java is a little complicated and it’s not a great ‘first language’. This is why many people who want to get started with Android development find it a bit difficult to learn.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 1


Kotlin is a language from JetBrains that received first-party support from Google. It was introduced in Google I/O 2017 as a secondary ‘official’ Java language. It’s similar to Java but it’s a little easier to understand for beginners. It also runs on Java virtual machine and it can also be compiled to JavaScript source code. It is fully supported by the android studio. It introduces various improvements for programmers like null-pointer safety, extension functions, and infix notation. It’s easy to learn especially if you are going to develop your first android app.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 2

3. C++

It is also a general-purpose programming language. It is an object-oriented programming language which also provides low-level memory manipulation. In Android development these are needed to be learned to use the NDK (Native Development Kit) libraries but not for apps. For applications like 3D games and augmented reality applications, this lets you squeeze extra performance out of an Android device.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 3


Corona is a cross-platform framework that is ideal for rapidly creating mobile apps and games and also for desktop applications. Development is done in LUA programming language. LUA is a lot simpler to learn than Java and SDK are very helpful in developing the Android app. You can use a text editor like Notepad++ to write code and that it can be run on an emulator without even compiling first.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 4

5. C#

It was originally introduced by Microsoft and is a pure object-oriented programming language. Like Java, C# is garbage collected language that means the programmer doesn’t need to worry about things like memory leaks and freeing up memory himself. C# is more modern than Java with a cleaner syntax. Xamarin Technologies should be used as a framework for C# code that is mono in functionality. MonoTouch and Mono for Android are cross-platform implementations of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specifications (CLS). C# is the best language to learn to develop Android apps.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 5


PhoneGap is powered by Apache Cordova and it allows you to develop apps using the same code that we normally use to create a website: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you already know these languages then you must learn PhoneGap. It acts as a bridge, allowing developers to access some basic features of the phone or tablet. It is easy to learn if you are already familiar with the web-based languages.

6 Languages to Learn for Android Development 6

Hopefully, after reading this article, many of your queries about what programming language you should learn to start android development has been answered. Feel free to comment.

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