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July 2021 Security Patch Update for Galaxy A51 | Build A515FXXU5EUG2

In this guide, we will be talking about the July 2021 security patch update for Galaxy A51. Samsung’s A series is very popular among users owing to the fact that they provide great hardware within a suitable price tag. Samsung has now rolled out the July 2021 security patch update for Galaxy A51.

The Galaxy A51, which was released 2 years ago receives yet another update by Samsung. The new software version first started to roll out to devices in Russia with the firmware version A515FXXU5EUG2. But keep in mind that this update is for the 4G version of the Galaxy A51.

July 2021 security patch update for Galaxy A51

July 2021 security patch update for Galaxy A51

Just like every other security patch update, this update also improves the security of your device against any sort of threats. The July 2021 security patch update from Samsung fix many Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE’s) which include 38 high level and 3 critical CVE’s.

This helps to improve the overall system security for Samsung devices. This update for Samsung phones will also arrive with some new features and other improvements, but unfortunately we do not have the changelog for the new firmware for Samsung phones.

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As we mentioned above, the July 2021 security patch update for Galaxy A51 first started rolling out for devices in the Russia region and will slowly roll out to devices in other regions as well. So if your Galaxy A51 has not yet received the OTA, update you should just wait for it.

But please make sure if your device has not already received the update. You can do this by heading to Settings > Software Updates and then if you see an update available, tap on Download or Install.

As we mentioned earlier, the Galaxy A51 was released back in 2019 and this year the Galaxy A51 received the first major OS upgrade which upgraded it’s software to Android 11.

As we know that keeps providing updates for it’s devices for 3 years, so it is more than likely that the Galaxy A51 will receive the Android 12 upgrade too.

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