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Install MIUI 12.5 & 12.5 Enhanced on Xiaomi Phones

In this guide, we will show you how to download and install MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12.5 enhanced on Xiaomi phones, including Redmi, Poco and Mi devices. Back in August 2021, Xiaomi introduced the MIUI 12.5 enhanced as a newer version of their MIUI 12.5.

As the name suggests, the new version enhances the previous version by bringing in fixes and improvements. The updated version did not bring in any newer features, it just brought improvements to the older MIUI 12.5. These optimizations include Liquid Storage, Intelligent Balance, Focus Calculation and Atomic memory.

Install MIUI 12.5

MIUI 12.5 Features

Before we proceed to install MIUI 12.5, let’s take a look at some of it’s features:

1. System Design

The system is cleverly designed to give instant response to users actions. The task management is done in a way that other tasks do not interfere with the system. The operating system is known for being light and fast. The response time is great and all of this is done with minimized power and CPU usage. This is the reason why MIUI 12.5 makes your phone’s battery last longer.

2. Notes app

The Notes application on MIUI 12.5 is very useful for users. Now you get to easily arrange and organize your notes and ideas. You can store your ideas in the Notes app. With this update, a drawing option was introduced which lets you draw doodles and finger painting for users has been improved and optimized. Further, now you can also create mind maps and brain storm easily.

3. Super Wallpapers

A bunch of new wallpapers have also been brought in with MIUI 12.5. These wallpapers are based on an outer space theme, featuring planets, stars and much more. With these amazing wallpapers, you can personalize your home screen and lock screen both.

4. MIUI+

The MIUI+ is a connecting feature that was introduced by Xiaomi along with MIUI 12.5. This helps users connect their phone to their desktop computers. This feature offers the following actions:

  • View phone notifications and open mobile apps from the desktop.
  • Copy and Paste text between your phone and desktop.
  • View screenshots.
  • View web pages on the mobile screen.

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Install MIUI 12.5 and 12.5 Enhanced on Redmi, Poco and Mi devices

The steps below show you how to install MIUI 12.5 and 12.5 Enhanced on your Xiaomi device. But first you will have to download the MIUI 12.5 or 12.5 Enhanced firmware corresponding to your device model and region.

After doing so, you are just required to install the update on your Redmi, Poco or Mi device. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Make sure that the battery of your device is charged up to at least 50% so that it lasts throughout the process.
  • Then head over to the Settings app on your device.
  • Now proceed to the About phone section.
  • Now go to the MIUI section.
  • Now tap on the MIUI logo again and again until you receive a message “Additional update features are on”.
  • After that, press on the three dot icon that appears at the top right of your screen and then select the ‘Choose Update Package’ option.
  • Now install the update by selecting the file that you downloaded earlier.

So that was it from our side on how to install MIUI 12.5 and 12.5 enhanced on Redmi, Poco and Mi devices. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Le us know what you think in the comment section below.

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