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Infinix Hot 8 – How to Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root using Magisk

Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to unlock bootloader, install TWRP recovery and disable the forced-encryption while simultaneously rooting the Infinix Hot 8 (X650C) using the Magisk. If you are someone who is considering modifying the software that is on your Infinix Hot 8, it is important that you well acquainted with the two tools that will truly act as arsenals for you. “Magisk” and “TWRP Recovery” are the two tools that you should be well versed with.

The previous was a much more known custom recovery that permitted you to easily flash the custom ROMs, kernels, mods and it also allowed to restore the Nandroid backups of the entire OS. Further, on the other hand, you can root your phone and administer root permissions while also installing the Magisk Modules to attain more features or to apply systematical modifications. Even though the Infinix Hot 8 probably does not have a dedicated modding section on the XDA-Developers forum as the other chief Android OEM devices even then it definitely has attained its due attention in this regard from the independent developers.

The senior members/developers from XDA have been able to compile an entirely working TWRP recovery for the Infinix Hot 8. You can install it to conveniently flash the Magisk installer ZIP file to root your phone. Below you will find an entire guide that would direct you through the complete step by step process, from the very initial stage of unlocking the phone’s bootloader to the point of rooting it.

Infinix Hot 8 - How to Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root using Magisk


  • You will need a micro-SD card that is compatible with your phone. The card is needed so that you can save/store the files that you would require during the process to flash your phone.
  • The entire data that is stored on your phone will be permanently erased during this process. So, we recommend taking a full backup of all your crucial and essential data before proceeding ahead.
  • It is very important that you have your device (Infinix Hot 8) charged fully. Having a full battery will prevent your phone from shutting down in between the process.
  • The two tools that you will be using to flash the files are Fastboot and ADB. So it is in the best interest to download the latest Android SDK tools and packages into your computer.
  • Enable the USB debugging and the OEM unlocking toggle on your Infinix Hot 8.
  • Though in the scenario were asked to release the command-line window on your computer, the following below steps are to be followed accordingly:
  • On a macOS/ Linux PC: Enter into the “Terminal” and alter the directory placing it in the folder where the Android platform-tools have been installed. For instant if the tools are installed in the folder of Documents/Platform-tools the subsequent command is to be applied:
cd Documents/platform-tools
  • On a Windows PC: Go into the folder where the Android platform-tools have been installed (for example- C:\platform-tools). Further, hold on to the SHIFT key on the keyboard and right-click towards either of the empty spaces that reside inside the folder. Lastly, select click on to the option of “open PowerShell window here”.
  • All the commands that are being mentioned in this guide are to be carried out with “.\” (dot and backward slash) during the process of entering a Windows/ Linux PC or a macOS.
  • It is highly suggested to have your Infinix Hot 8 run the above mentioned or V224 software since the instructions test against the similar. Though if your set is running an outdated software version the latest updates can be achieved over-the-air or by downloading the V224 OTA package from here while sideloading it by using ADB.

List of Required Downloads

  1. TWRP Recovery, Modified vbmeta.img, and Flash System Mounting ZIP: Download link
  2. Recent version Magisk Installer ZIP:
  3. Flash Orange State Disabler ZIP for MediaTek Devices: zip
  4. Forced-Encryption Disabler ZIP:

(Important Tip: Download all these files and have them transferred to the phone’s external storage before you proceed with the further steps)

Infinix Hot 8 – Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root via Magisk

For better understanding and convenience the guide/ instructions have been divided into four essential steps. Proceeding towards the actual task in hand, initiate by unlocking the phone’s bootloader that is preconditioned to the installation of the TWRP and Root that will be required to perform any kind of modifications in the software. In the following step, you are to flash the modified vbmeta.img and install the TWRP recovery.

Thirdly you should go ahead and boot into the TWRP recovery mode, flash the Orange State Disabler, and format the /data partition. Finally, flashing the Magisk and Forced Encryption Disabler ZIP files to disable encryption while at the same time your Infninix Hot 8 will root via the Magisk.

(As a matter of fact, even though it may seem quite complicated to consume at this point when actually attempting it will be much easier so without any further delay lets progress ahead.)

1st Step:

Unlock the Bootloader

Firstly, navigate into the settings of your phone ‘Settings’>‘About Phone’. Consistently tap approximately seven times on the “Build Number” section to enable the hidden Developer Options. Further, go to ‘Settings‘> ‘Developer options ‘and turn on the toggles that are next to ‘OEM Unlocking ‘and ‘USB Debugging‘. At this point, it is also crucial that you accept any prompts that are visible on the screen during this entire process.

Enable USB Debugging Options

This is the time when your previously installed Android platform-tools that were kept in your PC come handy. Launch the command line window (PowerShell or Terminal) into the same folder where all the other folders that have been installed already reside.

Once completed proceeded ahead by connecting the Infinix Hot 8 to the computer using a USB cable. It will be best to double-check again using the USB debugging if it has been enabled on your cell. Then go ahead and enter the below-mentioned command into the PowerShell/ Terminal window:

adb reboot bootloader

As this command is entered immediately it will boot your phone into “Fastboot” Mode. As it does a USB icon would be visible and the “Fastboot” text will appear on the phone’s screen. Now, you should go on to execute the command so that the PC can communicate with your phone over the fastboot interface. Here is the command:

fastboot devices

The command will retrieve your device’s ID. Further, again enter a command which will now unlock the bootloader on the Infinix Hot 8:

fastboot flashing unlock

Immediately as the command is executed a prompt confirmation will appear on the screen of your phone. Or then you can easily even confirm if you were able to unlock the bootloader by pressing the upper volume button.

Now that the bootlaoder has been unlocked you can easily install the TWRP recovery on your phone. While it is important that you do not reboot the phone at any point during stage until you have proceeded with the following steps that have been mentioned in the next section.

2nd Step:

Flash Modified VBMeta and Install TWRP Recovery

Even before you flash TWRP it is crucial to flash the modified VBMeta. This is a fraction of the Android Verified Boot that allows checking for any of the device’s modifications and partitions. Given that you will flash TWRP in order to recover and modify the stock VBMeta that will aid in preventing your phone from booting. To overcome such an occurrence the developers have modified the vbmeta.img file to disable these checks.

Thus, go ahead and pick both the files from ‘Downloads’. Attain the modified VBMeta (vbmeta.img) and TWRP recovery (recovery_v0.3.img) image files. Further copy these files into the same folder where the Android platform-tools are installed (e.g. C:\platform-tools).

Execute the given PowerShell/Terminal command below to flash the modified (vbmeta.img) in your phone:

fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

As you accomplish to flash and install the TWRP recovery ahead enter the following command as well:

fastboot flash recovery recovery_v0.3.img

3rd Step:

Boot into TWRP Recovery and Format Data Partition

Now that you have the TWRP successfully installed you yet should not disconnect your phone from the PC or reboot it, just yet. Rather, now is the right time when you should boot your phone into the TWRP recovery mode and the manner to achieve such is by holding the power and volume up button at the very same time.  Once you hold both the buttons simultaneously the phone will turn off and begin to reboot. You will know when to release the buttons when the Infinix logo on your phone appears.

Infinix Hot 8 - How to Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root using Magisk 1

As soon as your Infinix Hot 8 is in TWRP recovery tap on “install”. Pilot towards storage, select the ‘’ file and flash it by swiping the button. By doing such you will be able to mount the system partition from flashing ahead. At this instant, you should go into the ‘Install‘menu again and select the ‘‘file to flash it. Once flashed, go to ‘Wipe‘> ‘Format Data‘ and type ‘yes‘in the provided field to format the data partition of your phone. By doing such you will erase/ delete all the residing data on your phone (internal storage) while also decrypting the partition.

Now even though you have decrypted the data partition once the boot is completed automatically they will encrypt again. To entirely disable the encryption you should flash the disabler ZIP file. Finally now, that these things have been completed we’ll be moving towards the 4th and final step that is required to successfully root your Infinix Hot 8.

4th Step:

Flash Encryption Disabler and Magisk to Root Infinix Hot 8

Go into the “Reboot” menu of TWRP and select “Recovery” to reboot your phone. So, you’re your Infinix Hot 8 goes into recovery mode which is essential so that the phone can be properly decrypted and so that you are able to access the phone’s internal storage.

Infinix Hot 8 - How to Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root using Magisk 2

Tap on the ‘Install‘ option provided in the TWRP menu then select the ‘‘ file and swipe the button to flash it again. This will mount the partition/ TWRP to flash the files that are remaining.

Infinix Hot 8 - How to Unlock Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root using Magisk 3

Return to the main screen of TWRP and for the last time during this process tap on the option “Install”. Proceed to the storage and from there select the Magisk Installer ZIP file  (, next tap on ‘Add More Zips‘ and select the Encryption Disabler ZIP file ( in order to add it to the flashing queue.

Lastly, swipe on the button that is visible on the screen to flash the files to conclude by rooting your phone using the Magisk and once the flash is completed tap on “Reboot System”. Completed with this would mean that you have your Infinix Hot 8 booted into the OS and now it should be able to be rooted with the Magisk. In the end, you can also verify if the rooting process was accomplished successfully or no by going to the app drawer and by launching the application “Magisk Manager”.

Via the Magisk Manager not only will you be able to use the root apps but also install the Magisk Modules that will provide supplementary/extra features modes such as a ViPER4Android, Dolby Atmos, EdXposed Framework, and much more can be gained. A very crucial point to keep in mind is not to uninstall the preinstalled system apps that reside in your Infinix Hot 8 since if such is even accidentally done your phone will end up in a soft brick state.

Due to any unfortunate reason if you come across any trouble or issue in regards to rooting your Infinix Hot 8 feel free to leave your concerns in the comment below. Conveniently leave your question and I’ll do my best to address them to resolve your matter.

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